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Relax and indulge yourself in the Intex PureSpa Portable Jet Massage Hot Tub. With the touch of a button activate the 4 high-performance jets that surround the interior of the spa or adjust the temperature that best suits your comfort level. This Intex PureSpa Portable Jet Massage Hot Tub provides simple maintenance with two easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water, and the built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience. Also featured is a saltwater sanitation combo system gives the added benefit of spa water that is soft and gentle without harsh packaged chemicals. Made with durable Fiber-Tech™ Construction including 48 Fiber-Tech™ beams, the PureSpa is also strong enough to take a seat on the side when all you need is a dip of your feet. - Water temperature range: 68° – 104° - Seating capacity: Space for up to four adults - Includes hard water treatment system - Saltwater sanitation combo system - Efficient heating keeps the cost of usage economical - Approximate inflated Inner/Outer Diameter: 58” / 77”. Height: 28”

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I received this yesterday was very easy to setup. It came in four boxes the tracking number said it weighed over 140 pounds, the heaviest box was the pump box which still can be carried by one person. I was very pleased with the power of the four jets which can me moved in any direction. I was worried about how to get in and out of the tub but it is low enough to just step in and out of.
The jets make the difference! have had 3 of these Intex pools over the last ten years..this one is the best! Was skeptical at first with it having the salt water system..but it is definitely the way to go! after using the hot tub I push the sanitizing button for 3,5,or 8 hours and walk away until next use..when I come back it chlorine level is perfect. The water is clean and when I get out my skin is soft and not dried out like it was with the previous hot tub from using Bromide tabs. You can adjust the 4 jets to regulate hi or low pressure.The jets are strong enough to massage my sore joints on my whole body. I have been using it every other day. This was definitely a good buy so far and I highly recommend this product. Read and follow the instructions and you will be happy with this Hot tub 🙂
This is my 3rd Intex Spa. I Love the jets over the bubbles. Since the jets pull the interior water through, verses the bubbles pulling cold air, the tub stays warmer for a much longer period of time. Although it is salt water, along with the "cleaning", I have had to add a little Chlorine just to keep a balance. Its much quieter than the other tubs I had as well.
The saltwater sanitation system is the way to go. Was very easy to set up. It says 2 people but I did it myself and I am disabled. (yes, I could have used an extra person but managed quite easily).There is a dispute between using a salt system and a chemical system. I prefer not to use chemicals because of wife's many skin allergies. Salt is turned into chlorine without the expense of high dollar chemicals with ease of operation.pros:1. cost of salt (pool salt) inexpensive and you don't need that expensive salt.2. no smell3. skin feels much softer (with my wife's rare skin disorder it is a great choice4. solid design...can easily sit on side while entering or leaving spa...even if you are 250 lbs!5. low noise..can't hear it as it runs continuing to heat.6. minimal noise with jets running.,7. uses massaging jets so you can target areas of your body while systems that use bubbles can't....just can't.8. comfortable with no need for a seat.9. easy to clean filters (I do recommend cleaning filters after initially filling it with hose water)10. jets only minimally affect water temperature..my experience was usually 1 degree.11. safety features are easy and fast to use (locking cover)12. Very well insulated..bottom heat shield and insulated cover for top.13. comes with electric and manual pump. Manual pump is very good.14. easy maintenance (to fill, empty and clean)15. not much maintenance16. This machine will alert you if you water gets out of balance with several distinct codes with instructions to fix.many morecons:1. was heavy2. instructions were not very clear and could have been more precise.3. some confusion about first time fill use concerning salt initially added (found 4 1/2 lbs finally but because of our water had to add 9 lbs)4. more clarity of use...ie...not using spa but letting it run for 2 weeks should I do anything specific...like sanitizing? or not letting it run?5. clear instructions if 3 or more get in spa with the water level getting close to over filling..probably nothing thoughNow I can say we are very happy with it. Especially the cost over other similar products....the way it makes our skin feel....safety features to keepkids out...no expensive chemicals. I might add that at first I found I could have spent a fortune trying to get the water reading levels perfect, but I relaxed and made sure that as long as our eyes and skin was not burning and the alarms were not going off that we would be fine not giving a "professional" our dollars to make them perfect with chemicals.I do recommend cleaning the filters after the first water has been put in (after refilling etc). and cleaning them as often as you can....this is the life of the clean water. I put a Fred's $99 awning tent...9x9 over it to keep the sunlight off of it along with other debris.Let others argue about which is better...salt or chemicals...the rumors of harsh salt water erosion on metals is not an issue with this unit which is made of super hard plastic type material (I am not a plastic expert). The water jets are powerful and I do highly recommend them over the bubble makers...I would have been so dissatisfied with non-massaging bubble makers but understand some people want to bulles.In conclusion----awesome hot water spa with affordable maintenance, ease of use with quick personal results...(still can't get how much softer our skin is).I took the time to write this to help others who are trying to decide, on what they can expect and to let others argue about which is better...salt or chemicals....tons of articles about each....but I think those opinions are bought and sold....I could get in a spa with chemicals and one that massages with bubbles and I would be happy....but with this salt water JET system I am just gushing with pride of making the right decision! hope this helps someone make up their mind! UPDATE: @ years since purchase have kept out of weather changed filters and cleaned frequently....best purchase I have ever made. IS just like brand new still. It is out side but I have a cover over it with sides open....I try to block sun from hitting it on the sides to make is expand more than it should, just use shower curtains a $59 10x10 tent I built a floor (just 2 4x8's over 8 2x4's) IMPORTANT that floor is level to maximize water flow. I have taken apart to clean the"salt water sanitizer as required but there was absolutely no build-up and nothing came off in the vinegar solution. Filters are cheap buy a lot. Clean with high pressure soft long thistle brooom or anything...soak in CASCADE (for dishwasher) got the cleanest. it has a screw in where the hot water enters the spa...when I am not using and it is idling and saying heated I remove the filter farthest away from the main intake and use it to filter water going in. Water is crystal clean in 24 hours...after changing filters 1 day after initial fill and it is heating.It takes about 2 days to heat the spa to 104 degrees so I would help it by taking pool water and heating it...I had 5 gallon stainless steel pots and I was careful not to touch the sides and melt the pool and would just pour in the middle and scoop up more. Could have it ready in 24 hours or sooner if I heated lots of pots (just be careful)You will only have a small taste of salt with no burning eyes. I would run sanitizer a few hours depending on how many people got in, if it was just me I would wait after several uses. About 5 lbs of salt...don't worry if you over salt you can add more water easily after take some out.It would last as long as I would change the filters up to 3 months before changing water. I would not have to change water hardly at all if I took the time to keep the filters clean.This will soothe your muscles quickly.Keep cover on it when not in use and when heating. No need to run the jets and don't with cover on. use jets when you are in it if you wish and when adding salt.It has a circuit breaker on the power cord but i prefer to use and very good circuit breaker surge protector also.The 4 jets are very strong and can be directed in any position and beat "bubble spas" by the shear force and rub down they give you.Easy to set up and easy to move...I am 100% disabled but was able to set it up myself even though it took a little longer. Keeping it on made the electric bill go up $40-50 a month but i live in a non-co-op area where rates are highest.Keep heavy dirt and rocks off the bottom. Cheap salt will have hard rock-like chunks in it but you don't need the expensive pool salt, Morton's $7/40 lb will last 2 years.I would have bought an extra filter module and kept a filter over output flow but never took the time. Filters are the life of this spa.Enjoy it and when the people who spend $100's monthly on chemicals say they are safer just ask them to drink or pour the stuff they are putting in their pool vs. a little sanitized salt water? (don't let them do that because those type of people will probably do it and kill themselves).Spa "enhancers" and essential oils and scents will work fine but you will have to clean the filters out right away...no matter what the bottle or solution says.Enjoy enjoy enjoy and just prepare for the chemical lovers to put you down for your smart Salt Sanitizer...learn to love them!
This is our second Intex inflatable spa. The first one was the 77 inch bubbling spa that is usually the cheapest one here on Amazon, and we had it for about 2 years. We live in South Texas and kept it up on a covered patio year around, only changing the water out every 6 months or so. About the last 6 months it developed a slow leak that we never could pinpoint, but started with us having to pump it up once a week, to once every other day, and at that point, we decided we needed a new one. (To the hot tubs credit, it never collapsed or spilled any water even though the wall at times got very low on air). We thought about getting a "real" hot tub, but the price just kept bringing me back to Amazon. We used that hot tub almost year round- just not in the very hottest months of July-August, and used it several times a week, and it did well. For chlorine, we poured straight bleach in every now and again and it seemed to work fine as far as water clarity and the chemicals were always in the acceptable range on the little test strip.I had seen these "jet" versions in the past, but the price was too steep, until now. At $529 prime- it was time. Arrived yesterday in 1 big #150 pound box- inside were smaller boxes, and taking them piece by piece around to the back patio was easy enough. It took me about 20 minutes to unload the pieces and do the quite minimal assembly (3 plastic screws on the pump). I laid out the tarp on top of some foam puzzle mats we bought here on amazon as well after reading the tip on another review. Got 2 packs of 2'x2' pieces- a total of 48 sq feet (12 squares), and this is perfect. The very bottom of the tub curves up ever so slightly, and this allows the mats to take care of the very bottom of the tub (it looks like it overhangs, but it isn't).The bubble version used the big pump to blow up the tub, but because this one has the jets, it comes with a separate electric and manual pump to use (ugh- manual would take forever!). This smaller pump does take a little longer to inflate the tub then the bubble one did, but it was blown up in just under 20 minutes. I then aligned the ports on the pump with the one on the tub - turned 3 knobs and Viola! All ready for water! If you use the foam mats, make sure the pump also sits on the mat so that the ports line up correctly.Hose put in the tub and filled with 80- degree South Texas hose water in about 30 minutes- careful to not overfill! Keep it between the lines! Started the heater at 6pm and by 8 am the next morning, we are at 104 degrees. We immediately got in and I have to say, the jets are a great upgrade from the bubbler... and so much quieter! We had gotten to the point where we never used the bubbles on the old tub as you didn't really feel them, and they were so loud we couldn't hear the TV well that we brought outside. This was considerably quieter and decently powerful. There are 4 jets, and each can be twisted to be more powerful or less powerful (but not completely off)- if you turn down 3, then 1 thats left really is a quite strong jet and felt great against feet or back. Definitely worth the money to get the jets.Also, on our previous tub, we had cut down a piece of 4 x 8 foam stuff we got at home depot to put under the tub (read that in a review) and it seemed ok... but Nope- these foam 2'x2' squares are AWESOME!! The bottom is super soft!! A must have (we ended up spending about $50 on them here on Amazon).We decided we are going to see how the salt system does and I will report back. It requires 4.4 pounds to get started. We went to Costco and just got the 30 oz very fine Sea Salt for about $4- its not iodized, so it seems like it will work well. 4.4 pounds is about 70 ounces, so just over 2 containers. We sprinkled it in, and it dissolved straight away- no collection on the bottom at all. Its currently in the sanitizer mode now, and Im excited to see how it works!Though this is an early review, we are previous owners of the similar bubble tub, and aside from the leak- that tub was great and we felt was worth the money for using it several times a week for 2 years. Hoping this one will do the same! We will update as we see how stuff works.

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