Outdoor Hot Tubs Deals: Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet Spa with Stainless Jets and 110V GFCI Cord Included

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Start your own backyard paradise today with Home and Garden Spas. Packed high end features and an economical price in mind. Standard features include beautiful stainless steel jets,7 color LED mood lighting, and a variety of therapeutic jets designed to touch all areas of the body with comfort in mind. Home and Garden Spas also feature maintenance free synthetic cabinetry, pressure treated base frame along with ABS bottom to ensure durability for years to come.

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I love this hot tub! It wasn't too difficult to get from the front drive to the back yard (we used some pvc pipe on plywood and rolled it back there. Took about 15 minutes). I'd say the 375 lb weight on the description is accurate - definitely not 800 like some other person who left a review said. It was very easy to get into place. It plugs into a normal outdoor outlet - which is great for me being a single woman! When I first plugged it in, it would trip the breaker every couple minutes, but I quickly realized that it was because it was on the same breaker as my 14,000 BTU portable A/C unit I had running inside. Once I moved the A/C unit plug to a different breaker, it never happened again. I do run a couple other things on the same outlet with no problem - like a small outdoor fountain. When you first get it you have to remove one side panel to get to the plug and manual. DO NOT put this back on until you have checked everything it tells you to in the manual (or you'll be removing it again). It was easy to take off with my tiny drill.It's ideal for 2 people to use on a regular basis, but sits 4 adults (or 6 kids) fine. The water will overflow when it's full of people but it's easy to add more water when you're done. The temp is really easy to adjust so we've turned it down on really hot days and the kids play in it like a pool. The jets are actually really strong. They are adjustable by twisting the ring around them, and the air bubbles can be controlled too. There is a little waterfall. The lights are my favorite part. They are bright (except the red) and they can be set to change between colors. They're so pretty.I had to call tech support once because I couldn't figure out how to drain it. They were very helpful and it was simple to drain (hint: don't take the cap all the way off, just twist it and pull, then push-pull on it until water starts draining).For the price, I couldn't be happier. It's a great addition to my patio where my family spends a lot of time. I've come to find I enjoy it the most in the early morning. 🙂
I'v had this tub for about a week. For the price, it works well so far. However, they say its a 4 person tub. I say its a 2 person. If you put 4 people in this, you are going be knocking knees. It will work for me and my wife for a couple yearsb but I will probably upgrade to a 350 gal. Tub.
We like it. Simplicity is nice. Suggestions , have a bench /stool to aid getting in and out.
Was delivered ahead of schedule. For a low end tub, it works good.
Everything I expected it to be. Perfect size for our deck - very relaxing. Easy to adjust the temperature. Love it! We have had the spa for a couple of months now and it is fabulous--easy to maintain and so inviting after a long day. Recommend reading the manual thoroughly to understand the different options -- we are using the EC (economy) mode where the water heats only when filtering with it cycling for two hours in the morning and evening (you can choose 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours). Since it is warm weather this is working well. When it starts up it is in the Standard Mode and the water temperature is maintained at the chosen level. There is also a Sleep Mode that heats the water to 20 degrees under the pre-programmed setting and heats only during the filtration cycles--not recommended when the temperature is 40 degrees or lower. Highly recommend it!
Good hottub
LPI is a very sketchy company. However with Amazon's truly excellent assistance I received this large item purchase early, in collaboration with ABF shipping expert's assistance. Great jobTony (Management Specialist with ABF'S shipping and DISPATCH from Anaheim Location, AS well as Pam's communication, also with Anaheim Location DISPATCH Supervisor. The quality of the spa is surprisingly excellent and I am extremely satisfied with the heating, power of the jets, and the unexpected discovery of a factory installed Ozonator. I originally thought that I would need the assistance of a Spa&Pool professional x however from a little research through Amazon customer comments I purchased chemicals through Amazon and my New Spa is frick'ing unbelievably Beautiful and Excellent! #######!!!#########

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