Outdoor Hot Tubs Deals: Highwood Flex Corner Spa Cabinet Replacement Kit, Weathered Acorn

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Do you have an old rotten or dirty spa cabinet? Replace it with a beautiful Highwood cabinet! For more than a decade, our product has been used by some of the biggest spa manufacturers in the world. Our standard cabinet kits are sized for the majority of old spas in the marketplace. Built to last with Highwood’s unique marine-grade recycled plastic, this spa cabinet kit is unyielding to rot and deterioration. This spa cabinet comes in an off-the-shelf kit in 3 colors and is part of our Spa Collection. We offer two corner options – a flex corner that bends to handle up to a 12” radius or a square corner for replacing a square spa cabinet with sharper corners. If your spa corners form a 90 degree angle, select the square corners. The kit has been designed for spas with a maximum cabinet height of 33” and a maximum corner-to-corner dimension of 96” long for flex corner spas and 88” for square corner spas. Each kit contains 8 side panels, 4 corners (flex or square…you choose), trim and 72 stainless steel screws with grommets for a clean, worry-free installation. Explore the entire Highwood product line to coordinate other beautiful and durable products to enhance your outdoor living space. Some assembly is required. Assembled item dimensions are 72"W x 30"H x 69.5"D (177.5lbs). Please note, this is a larger item that ships LTL and the boxed components are delivered on a pallet.

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Yes the highwood spakit-fl-rde flex corner cabinet made our hot tub look new again and easy to work with and put up. thank you
This is a great way to make your Spa look new again.
Easy to work with.
Great item. Spa looks now very inviting. Thanks once again.
Excellent product. I have an older (2004) Leisure Bay Niagara Hot Tub, that has seen its share of wear and tear. My wife and I replaced this last night in a couple of hours. It looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our hot tub has new life.The box must have been dropped in shipment, because every corner was dinged. Some worse than others. The seam strips covered the dings, so it was not a major issue.The kit comes with stainless hardware. I wish it came with 8 more sets of screws and washer cups to use in the middle of the longer panels top and bottom.Conclusion: EXCELLENT PURCHASE!!!!!!!! Very Happy. Thanks HighwoodEasy to install. Clear concise instructions. One thing to make sure of, is to use and panel saw blade when cutting the panels.
I must say I am impressed. My dogs destroyed a few panels trying to get a mouse that snuck into the access panel, so I decided to go with this replacement set. I would rate myself as having low to moderate handiman capabilities. The end result turned out great!! I decided to use a pneumatic crown stapler instead of the screws, and I am really glad I did, it looks much more like a factory original cabinet.
I recently refurbished my aging wood Spa, and I found this to be a great option for cabinetry. It's much cheaper than a new spa, and now my old spa looks new anyway! The only issue I had is that it's not cheap by any means, and when I finally go a round to opening the packaging, all 8 side boards were cracked on one edge. Pretty significant cracking too. Luckily, they gave me enough material to cut off the damaged sections and still surround my tub.

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