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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Feel confident - This Basic hot tub cover is 4" thick for the cost conscious buyer not looking for maximum insulation. Buy directly from the manufacturer here, pay wholesale and save your time and money.; Feel secure - we have made ASTM compliant replacement covers for 30 years and deliver via freight directly to your residence.; Feel safe - our hot tub covers are backed with a 5 year warranty, including water logging and no need to return your cover.; Spa covers can have sloping tops for rain run off or be flat for protected areas such as under a deck. This cover is 4 inches thick, tapering to 2. Thicker insulates better.; Create a cover suited exactly to your needs with our exclusive Design-Your-Own ordering. Specify the insulation and strength you need.

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My previous cover (the original) had become water logged to the point that I could no longer lift it onto the spa. This cover arrived in a timely manner (I paid the extra amount for rush manufacturing). It arrived undamaged and as light as a feather (what a relief!). It fits the spa very well, though I did have to drill new holes for the tie-down snaps (but not a big deal). The material it's made of feels more (shall we say) more "economical" than the original cover. I paid extra for the thicker water-proofing, double-wrapped, because I did not want another water-logged cover. The real test will be in its longevity, which I won't know about until a few years from now. But since it has a 5 yr warranty (including against water-logging -- the original cover didn't last five years!) I feel pretty confident this was a good investment.
I just received the spa cover and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to order and how fast I got the custom made cover. I was worried about the cover fitting the rounded corners, but everything fits perfectly. I would not hesitate to order this again.
Fit perfectly, well made, light and easy to maneuver, nice purchase experience. Lighter colors reflect light well and keep lid cool on sunny days.
good delivery time,fit tub well,looks good. won't know about durability for a wile.
Great cover and company was a pleasure to work with.
I purchased from this company, they are a distributor. The manufacturing company gives a 5 year warranty on the cover that is completely bogus. It is warrantied for waterlogged. We had it for 2 years*, should have done something sooner. Just had to pay them 165.64 for replacement inserts. Mine was a bit thicker then here. RIP OFF. Worse still is the defect, which is the plastic that covers the foam IS THE SAME on the new one, per the company! No changes have been made in the production. When you go to the site it had a poll as to what the problem was I think it was over 60% wrote that the covers were waterlogged. And when I say waterlogged, two of us, one being a builder, were almost unable to put the cover on.*For several months I was contacting Beyond Nice trying to get replacement inserts, and was going to pay for them. They couldn't find my order, wouldn't help. Finally while reading deeper into the website I found a warranty. Sent them another note-probably the 4-5th by then, and said it was under warranty. They gave me the number for Prestige covers the manufacture. Had to PAY! I was going to write to the attorney general. However, I think a bad review will be more powerful, hit them where they care about- their pocket.
I am seriously regretting buying from beyondnice. They shipped my spa cover through some third rate company call YRC shipping, and it was delayed by nearly a week, did not return my calls until days later, and then when they finally called me to schedule a delivery, they said that they could only deliver M-F, from 11am-2pm. I said "really there's no other way? So I have to take a day off of work for a stupid delivery." Their delivery terminal said "yes that's correct." No explanation, no apology. The only way they would deliver it without me missing an entire day to receive a box was if I signed a piece of paper releasing the right to get my money back if it were damaged, missing parts, or not even the right item.And by the way, when you originally purchase the item from beyondnice, their instructions emphasize that if you do not reject the shipment by inspecting it at the delivery time, then beyondnice will not refund or build you a spa cover if it is built wrong or damaged.So it's a nice little racket they've put together. There's no way for them to be responsible for mistakes as long as the people purchasing these products need to work.UPDATE: It's now going on 4 weeks since I made my order, and the shipper has lost the package, and beyondnice is still going back and forth with me deciding whether to make another one. Sometimes, ESPECIALLY when it comes to custom, made-to-order products, it's all about the customer experience. In this case, an awful customer experience.

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