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Tests for: Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH, and Total Alkalinity Ideal for customers who want a more complete analysis of their spa water. 6 important test results in just one dip, and get test results in just seconds! To keep your spa at its best, test before and after each use. It’s also a good idea to write down your results each time you test. Tests for 6 important chemistries in seconds: Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH, and Total Alkalinity. \nUser friendly flip-top strip dispenser cap. Multi-lingual lingual packaging – English, French, Spanish and German. Includes water chemistry insert with directions in 11 additional languages: Italian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish. 1 Buy = 2 Bottles! 50 Tests in each bottle!!

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The worst part of pawning a spa is maintaining the proper chemical balance to assure your sanitation (chlorine) levels keep the water safe to go into and your PH levels correct, to avoid expensive damage to your pumps and seals. I usually use the spa 3x weekly and check my water as many times. Using the test strips is as simple as dipping the test strip in your water for 5-10 seconds and reading to check for total free chlorine, total chorine or bromine, total hardness , PH and alkalinity. Match the color your strip reads with the container to get your readings. You can also go to their website or download their IOS or Android app to get a reading and required action needed to correct your levels. In addition the app can save a complete history of your readings, which can come in handy to remember what actions have been taken as well as serve as a reminder of when it is necessary to chafe your water. As far as test strips for pool or spa go, Aquachek has been a good value for me.
I have a Pentair Rainbow tester and several other brands of pool and spa stripsI which I bought two bottles of and because it is so much easier to use the strip and to fill the bottle with water and put drops in that I was using this brand predominatelymy bromine and cl2 levels kept coming in low and kept showing as not enoughThe expiration date says 2019 on both bottles so that can't be the problemI found the results were not accurate and would not advise relying on their resultsI probably went through 20 or $30 worth of chemicals trying to get my spa balanced until I finally realized that the stips were the problem.Once I went to the Pentair rainbow liquid testing everything stayed correct
Despite implications in the listing and on the label, the product does NOT test total bromine and chlorine separately (individually) but together as Chlorine plus bromine. Many spas use a combination of chlorine and bromine (Shock & Froggers), and this product (unlike many others) will not allow one to determine separate levels. The label is misleading, with tiny and hard to read printing. The parent company Hach will not respond to emails, phone calls or web site inquiries. Stay away from this product if you use both bromine and chlorine.
These are called 6-in-1, but there are only 5 colored pads to read. The chlorine and bromine are the same pad... that's a little misleading/sneaky.I need to be able to read my CYA (stabilizer), and that's not included. They were a pretty good price, though. Regardless, I probably won't be buying them again....
Test strips seem to work fine. The only downfall to the 6 in 1 strip is that it's much easier for the water to run and connect each test pad, causing it to change to an inaccurate color! You need to dip the strip quickly and give it a good shake to get the excess water off the strip. If you can do that and make sure no water is connecting any of the test pads, then these are a good deal.
Color match is same as for other similar products, but not as easy to use. Color blocks on bottle label run horizontally around the label, making it awkward to compare the strip colors. Other brands have the color blocks arranged vertically, so they line up easier when reading.
LOVE THESE TEST STRIPS!!!I use these for my Softub (hot tub) to test the water chemistry. They give a clear, accurate reading within (30) seconds. I like the fact that they give readings for many different aspects of the water chemistry. I test my chemistry every third day (which works well for my specific hot tub), add chemicals as needed, and always have crystal clear water. One order of (2) packs lasts me for months. The pricing is very affordable and worth every penny!

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