No Water Coming Through My Shower Head Fix

  • By: Adam
  • Date: June 26, 2022

Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work looking forward to a shower in your wonderful home, only to find out there is no water coming through the showerhead in your bathroom.

A shower is as soothing as it is therapeutic, especially if you happen to have a soaker tub in a luxury home.

This scenario would be annoying and frustrating to say the least, mostly if the water bill has been fully paid for.

Lack of water coming out of the showerhead could be a sign of an underlying issue in the plumbing of your building structure or overlooking a simple issue.

Here are a few likely scenarios that could be causing no water to flow through your shower head:

Low water pressure not making enough pressure in your shower head

The amazing water spray that hits your body in the shower is caused by high pressure. Low pressure is rarely a sudden problem.

The water pressure gradually reduces over time, steadily reducing the water flow to a trickle, and then no water. Low pressure is always caused by underlying factors like clogged and leaking pipes.

Leaking water pipes

This is usually the case when the lack of water through the showerhead is sudden and unexpected.

Leaking pipes in your residence reduce the pressure of the water passing through them.

When the pipes in your house leading to the showerhead start leaking, the effect is little or no water passing through.

The leaks are caused by wear and tear. Old and rusty pipes are more likely to have leaks.

To find out if the pipes are leaking in your home or condo, sometimes the leaks are audible, while other times one has to do constant meter readings after regular periods of no water usage.

If you live in a condo, you will have to contact your building manager to have the pipes inspected.

Clogged water pipes in your home or your condo

When the water pipes leading up to the showerhead clog, the water passage narrows leading to little or no water passing through. Clogged pipes can be caused by corrosion.

The old and rusty pipes drop pieces of rust that accumulate over time and end up blocking water passage. Accumulation of mineral deposits from the water also causes clogged pipes.

The parts of water pipes mostly affected by clogging are the turns. Clogging can either be partial or full.

Clogged Showerhead

If the pipes are not clogged or leaking and the pressure is just fine, there is a high possibility that the showerhead itself is clogged.

The holes on the showerhead are usually small and any small particles can cause clogging.

Clogging on the showerhead can be as a result of mineral deposits accumulation or debris from the water pipes. Hard water contains salts that slowly clog the showerheads, blocking the water passage.

Other Causes

Sometimes the most obvious reasons can be overlooked. The problem could be as simple as closed water valves.

Be sure the water valves for the bathroom are opened before calling a plumber.

Lack of water coming through the showerhead could be caused by municipal water supply problems.

The water pipes may be broken leading to no supply of water to the city.

Solutions: Here are some possible solutions to no water coming through my shower head

A bathroom is probably the most used room in our houses so problems are bound to arise.

Some problems to no water coming through the water pipes are easily fixable at home while others require consulting professional plumbers.

The good news is that these the possible problem could be easily fixed with one of these quick remedies:

Soak the clogged shower head in the vinegar solution


Every day, water containing minerals like calcium passes through the shower head. Over time, these minerals harden and block the showerhead pores partially or completely.

To unblock the faucet, all you need is a simple vinegar and baking soda solution. Soak the showerhead in the solution for a day or two, to give the solution enough time to dissolve the hardened minerals.

Remove any remaining deposits with a toothpick. This will also get rid of the debris from the water pipes.

Once the minerals have dissolved, the showerhead will be as good as new. If the mineral does not dissolve, replacement should be done.

Replace old broken pipes with new ones


Old pipes are the major cause of no water to showerheads. They contain rust that blocks the pipes and are susceptible to breaking.

One should call a plumber to replace the leaking pipes and the old ones that cause clogged pipes.

Sometimes the lack of water is mainly due to blocked pipes.  Clean out these pipes first before completely replacing them.

Cleaning out the grit from your showerhead

Sometimes water blockage is caused by debris between the temperature valve and the showerhead.

This is easily detectable by use of a wire. You should insert the wire till it gets to the valve, where you can tell if there is a blockage or not.

Once it’s confirmed, you should consult the services of a skilled plumber to help correct the blockage.

Open up closed valves

Partially shut or fully closed valves can cut off the supply of water to your showerheads.

For maximum pressure to the water coming out, the valves should be fully opened.

Valves to the bathroom are mostly located to the pipes leading to the shower. Check the main valves in the home if the bathroom valves are open.

Before seeking out professional residential services for your house, it’s important to confirm that the problem is indeed in your shower, and not a municipal problem.

The major cause of water not passing through the showerhead is low pressure. While one day of no water from the shower head is bearable.

Prolonged lack of water is annoying. If the cause of no water is as simple as a clogged showerhead, you could easily fix it at home.

Some problems like leaking pipes require a skilled plumber to change them. This will prevent you from causing further damage to the water pipes.

Next time there is no water coming from your showerhead, be sure to confirm if any of the above problems could be the cause and take the necessary action.