Nineteen Hot Tub Accessories You Must Have!

  • By: Adam
  • Date: June 26, 2022
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A hot tub is a hot tub, right? And it is in no way a small investment or commitment.

Some of you might even wonder the point of spending a good amount on buying the hot tub if you have to add on so many accessories.

Well, you can enjoy your hot tub as is – the traditional and inflatable varieties.

However, hot tub accessories elevate your spa experience and usually do not cost an arm and a leg. 

Hot tub accessories are genuinely worth the money for all that they offer.

With just a few smart add-ons, you can improve the quality of time spent in your spa, entertain friends better, easily maintain water quality and lower your energy bill by retaining water temperature.

Here we list our favorite hot tub accessories that make your spa time that much more pleasurable.    

The Must-Have Accessories For Increased Comfort 

Hot tubs come in various styles, from hard shells to wood to inflatable. However, adding the following accessories can make them much more comfortable and accessible for everyone.


Non-Slip Spa Steps

While tall users can climb into hot tubs easily, it is usually a task and a half for children and shorter people.

Adding some non-slip steps to your hot tub can make it accessible to hot tub users of all ages.

We love the Puri Tech Universal Spa & Hot Tub Outdoor Steps with non-slip treads and lock-in technology. 

This dependable set of steps will help you get in and out of your hot tub safely. The non-slip tread ensures that you’ll stay safe while ascending or descending.

Constructed with a universal fit, these steps will easily attach to any tub.

Not a very handy guy? Don’t worry, the t-Lock installation system are easy to install and lock in place for extra stability.

As an added plus, they are available in three beautiful colors: black, bronze, and stainless steel.

LiveFine Towel Warmers 

Drying yourself off with a freezing towel is incredibly challenging if you live in a cold location when you step out of the hot tub.

Invest in a LiveFine towel warmers that can keep your towels cozy and warm so you can comfortably dry off.

This bad boy has a removable lid with a carry handle, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The spacious heating compartment is perfect for keeping towels warm and toasty, and the 15-minute adjustable timer ensures that your towels will always be at the perfect temperature.

Plus, the extra large capacity makes this towel warmer perfect for any sized bathroom. And if that wasn’t enough, the super chic design is sure to complement any decor.

Give your bathroom an upgrade with a LiveFine towel warmer!

Handrail Kit 

A handrail kit is another simple accessory that makes it easy to step in and out of the hot tub, just like no-slip steps.

Like with any water-carrying body, there is a chance of slipping when using the hot tub. A handrail kit with step-by-step installation instructions makes it safer to enter and exit the tub.  

Hot Tub Headrests



Modern hot tubs come equipped with headrests; in case yours doesn’t, you can easily make do with separately sold hot tub headrests and pillows.

Spa pillows come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your hot tub capacity and your own comfort needs, you can get a spa pillow that only supports your neck or one that supports your back as well.

The pads usually have mesh or waterproof synthetic outer with foam, beads, or jelly filling. Most designs have suction cups on the underside, while some are weighted to stay in position.

There are also inflatable headrests. However, they are not as comfortable as the other varieties mentioned.

Headrests come with hooks, and many kinds are machine washable so that you can clean and dry them.

Booster Seats

Look for booster seat cushions to make your time even more comfortable in the hot tub.

Booster seats add height for children and shorter individuals so that they can say goodbye to floating problems.

Moreover, taller users can occasionally use them to elevate pressure on their chest from extended water contact.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are plush and comfortable to sit on, especially if you own an inflatable hot tub with floor seating. 


Aromatherapy improves physical and emotional health.

Make your soaking sessions more fulfilling by investing in aromatherapy products made specifically for hot tubs.

These products do not affect the water chemistry or clog filters. They also do not leave an oily residue or foamy bubbles. 

Aromatherapy products for hot tubs are available in liquid, crystal, and bath bomb forms.

Check the label to see the directions and how much you will require for your hot tub. 

The Best Accessories For Entertainment And Parties

Whenever you have company over or are entertaining guests, your hot tub will likely be the star of the show.

While you have decked up your hot tub with add ons for personal use or those that suit your family, adding the following accessories will ensure you can genuinely facilitate your guests in having the best time. 

Submersible or Floating LED Lights


All hot tubs do not come equipped with lights. Whether for a party or a quiet night with your loved ones, submersible or floating LED lights are the quickest way to set the mood.

Waterproof LED lights usually float on the water’s surface and can be set to varying colors based on your aesthetic preference.

These wireless, portable lights are the perfect accessory to amp up your ambiance. 

Waterproof lights are usually rechargeable and come with remote control. With the help of the remote, you can adjust the brightness and lighting mode. 

Floating Bluetooth Speakers

Hot tub soaking sessions are excellent to unwind, whether on your own, with your family, or while hosting a party.

Add music to the mix, and you are all set for a relaxing time.

But, to change music, you would not have to step out of the hot tub anymore, thanks to waterproof floating Bluetooth speakers.

Waterproof speakers can stay in the hot tub for hours on a full charge.

The design allows water to pop out automatically so sound quality is not affected. So, you can enjoy your choice of music even inside the hot tub with ease.

For more speaker options check out our review of hot tub speakers.

Spa Benches and Surrounds 

Especially when entertaining guests, you need more space. Investing in spa benches and surrounds (inflatable and otherwise) is an excellent idea.

The surrounds and benches are not only seating options for everyone to sit by the hot tub but also double as drying areas, where your guest can dry off quickly.

Cup And Drink Holders 

Serving drinks around and in the hot tub can quickly turn messy when you have company. Wet hands mean there is a big chance of drinks slipping.

Buying a cup and drink holder is a quickfire way of keeping your drinks and other belongings secure. Some drink holders and trays have spring grips, whereas others have suction cups. 

Many of these holders also double as drink holding floats which work great during a party. 

Spa Refreshment Float

With guests around, there are going to be refreshments.

Even as you enjoy the hot tub alone, it is always great to have mess-free access to food. Invest in a floating spa refreshment table.

Floating refreshment table trays have designated space to hold drinks and food.

Some even have big enough holes for ice buckets to keep your drinks cool. 

If a float doesn’t interest you, you can find a more permanent spa side tray that can be installed easily.

The table moves 360 degrees for easy access to snacks and drinks. 

Waterproof Games 

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Make your time in the hot tub even more fun by investing in waterproof games.

Waterproof games allow you to use your hot tub to its full potential while you quit worrying about ruining the cards or other gaming accessories as they fall into the water.

From playing cards to UNO to various other games, there is a wide variety of waterproof games that you can buy for parties or family game nights. 

Floating Game Table

Floating Game Tables

If you buy waterproof games like cards or UNO, it only makes sense to invest in another wonderful hot tub accessory: a floating game table.

A floating game table has dedicated spaces to place your cards, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them with wet hands at all times.

Moreover, many such floating game tables have spaces to hold your drinks – so you can play and enjoy a cooling drink simultaneously. 

The Best Water Maintenance And Cleaning Accessories

Hot tub water cleaning and maintenance is probably one thing that stumps new owners and requires constant upkeep.

From checking the pH balance to water hardness, water maintenance is not simple, but it is essential.

Luckily, various accessories can make it easy to keep everything sanitary and improve filter life through quick cleaning fixes.  

Water Test Strips

A must-have accessory for hot tub water maintenance, the water test strips are the first steps towards ideal water chemistry and spa water that is safe to use.

Any deviation in the chemicals from ideal ranges and your hot tub could be damaged.

Fortunately, water test strips are excellent at keeping your water pH, chlorine levels, and alkalinity in check, among other chemicals. 

All you have to do is dip the strip in the water for the required time and then match it against the color chart on the bottle.

The ideal ranges are marked on the bottle, so you can increase or decrease the required chemicals as and when needed. 

Chlorine Starter Kit

Everybody is not well versed in water chemistry and what to do to maintain purity. In that case, a chlorine starter kit works wonders.

It comes with all the necessary chemicals needed to perfect the pH and chlorine levels.

The starter kit comes with instructions on when and how to use the chemicals to keep water purity.  

Note: After you have checked your water hardness and pH levels with test strips, you can invest in all or some of these chemicals as needed.

Depending on the water used, you may find that going for individual purchases is more economical.  

Floating Thermal Blanket

Another one of our favorite hot tub accessories is a floating thermal blanket. Using a floating thermal blanket keeps the heat trapped inside your hot tub, making it easier to maintain water temperature.

If your hot tub cover has any gaps, it can cause heat to evaporate very quickly, causing you to crank up the heater between uses; this results in lower electricity bills, a real win for hot tub running costs. 


Another simple way of keeping your hot tub water free of sum and an oily film is using scumbugs.

Scumbugs are bug-shaped sponges made from a unique material that absorbs almost 40 times their weight in oil.

Just drop the scumbugs in the hot tub and let them work their magic.

The best thing about scumbugs is that they stay continuously at work and stay out of your way even when using the spa.

They help keep filters clean for a more extended period, increasing the gap between periodic hot tub cleaning.

Depending on the type, you can replace or reuse scumbugs.

Reusable scumbugs clean easily with soap and water. Ensure that no soap is left in the scumbug when placed in the spa. 

Spa Vacuum 

Available in electrical, hand-pump, and air-suction varieties, spa vacuums make it a breeze to collect particles and clean off debris from the water.

Instead of stepping into murky, unsanitary water, you can deploy your spa vacuum in the water to clean it. 

Remember that if you are in a place with a lot of wind and dust, then the manual vacuum varieties may not work for you.

In that case, go for an electrical spa vacuum, which may cost more but make cleaning water much simpler. 

Filter Cleaning Comb

A simple way to keep your hot tub filters up and running is to use a filter cleaning comb. Filter cle

aning combs attach with a hose and allow for quick cleaning.

A filter comb works by opening up the pleats just enough for the water pressure to reach every nook and cranny to remove any dirt, debris, and oil from your pleated cartridge filter. 

Even with everyday hot tub use, regular filter cleaning will ensure maximum filter life. 

Final Thoughts   

Hot tubs are the “it” appliance when it comes to in-house relaxation by bringing the spa experience to your confines.

However, by upgrading with a few wonderful accessories, you can get the best out of your hot tub. These accessories allow you to become a better host.

Moreover, they improve appliance longevity by simplifying processes like maintaining water chemistry and cleaning the hot tub.

We highly recommend investing in these accessories to enjoy your hot tub to the fullest.