Near Vs. Far Infrared Saunas

There are a majority of people purchasing saunas today thanks to the number of benefits they offer.  Knowing the differences of near vs. far infrared saunas and how infrared therapy works is critical when choosing a sauna.

In this post the key differences of a near vs. far sauna will be explained along with their  key benefits.  If you’ve been to an infrared sauna and a dry sauna then you already have a head start.

Traditional saunas operate by heating the air around while infrared saunas operate by heating you from the inside. That’s why they can operate at very low temperatures.

According to best assignment writing service uk, infrared therapy works by heating the body.  While the therapy is penetrating the tissues to different degrees there are several psychological effect that occur.

Infrared therapy has been linked to a strong immune system, muscle regrowth, reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, detoxification, and athletic recovery.  Let’s begin our discovery into near vs. far infrared sauna therapy.


Near-Infrared is a type of infrared light that is closest to the visible light spectrum. The majority of the sun’s infrared spectrum is made up of Near-infrared light. The lower the light spectrum, the deeper the penetration.

Today, people are being exposed to a great variety of toxic chemicals like never before. Research shows that there are more than eighty thousand toxins in the US that have never been tested fully for their impacts on people’s health. EPA reports that toxic chemicals are responsible for an average of 80 percent of cancer deaths in the world.

You can reduce the toxic load and effects on your body through near-infrared sauna therapy. An infrared sauna heats the body and increases its temperature.

The body reacts by driving blood to the surface and sweating to reduce the temperature. This heating and the body’s response has lots of psychological benefits.

A research study conducted in Finland discovered that people who used saunas regularly reduced the risk of coronary heart disease and heart failure. They also increased their lifespans.

The researchers tracked more than 2,000 men for an average of 20 years. They discovered that more sessions per week led to more health benefits.

Benefits of Near-Infrared

1.      Detoxification

Studies show that over the counter and prescription drugs may remain in your body for close to thirty years or more. Heating helps the body destroy viruses, bacteria, and tumors.

Heating also helps to promotes sweating. Sweating is a good thing because it eliminates radioactive particles, toxic chemicals, and a wide variety of toxins within the body. Sweating also improves the skin’s ability to do away with poisons.

2.      Reduces the number of abnormal cells

Most people around the world today have damaged or mutated DNA thanks to ionizing radiation and toxic chemicals. Heating the body using near-infrared sauna helps in killing weak mutated cells and prevents their reproduction.

This process slowly increases the number of healthy cells in the body. Research studies show that tumors don’t tolerate heat. Therefore, raising the body temperature will possibly help aid in the promotion to kill them.

3.      Relaxation

Sweating stimulates blood circulation throughout the body like exercising. Increased circulation allows the body to relax and this reduces stress levels.

Stress acts as a catalyst for almost all diseases. Therefore, reducing stress levels plays a big role in the healing process.

4.      Relieves pain

Near-infrared therapy helps in reducing pain and symptoms of rheumatic disease. It also reduces chronic back pain.

Research shows that it may have positive effects on peripheral nerves and helps in regulating prostaglandin levels in arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

5.      Exercise advantages

Near-infrared provides lots of benefits like just exercise without using lots of energy. This will help you especially if you are struggling with a disease and you don’t have enough energy to exercise. Therapy will help in increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, and improving tissue oxidation.

6.      Athletic recovery

Near-Infrared therapy has been linked to the human growth hormone which is critical for stronger bones, muscle recovery, and insulin regulation. These saunas increase blood flow to skeletal muscles thus helping them to stay fueled while eliminating toxins and metabolic wastes.

7.      Lower EMF

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are usually emitted by Wi-Fi, cell phones, and electric devices. These electromagnetic fields can interrupt cell functions and other symptoms such as excessive fatigue, ringing ears, feeling stressed, tingling or prickling skin sensations, chronic headaches, and a buzzing feeling in the brain.

Today, most of us are exposed to 100 times more EMFs than our grandparents and ancestors. And this has lots of negative effects on our health. Near-infrared saunas give off far fewer EMFs making them ideal for you.

8.      Boosts the healing process

Several studies have linked near-infrared saunas with wound and tissue healing. One study reported that mice blinded by chemicals gained back their sight after a near-infrared therapy. Near-infrared light is reported to treat trauma and brain injuries.

Infrared sauna improves the healing of skin by improving elastin and collagen production. These chemicals also prevent the wrinkling of the skin. Your everyday wear and tear will heal thanks to infrared therapy.

9.      No pain

Infrared light reduces muscle and joint pain. Studies show that near-infrared therapy reduced lower back pain by fifty percent in only six weeks. Infrared saunas stimulate the release of adrenaline, endorphins, and cortisol which help in rebuilding muscles and joints while relieving pain naturally.

Far Infrared

According to the best online essay writing services, far Infrared is usually absorbed by the water inside our bodies. This means that it only penetrates 0.1mm from the skin’s surface. Far infrared light is the frequency that’s naturally generated by the sun.

This form of therapy takes advantage of the waves of energy that generate heat from the far end of the spectrum. This natural and safe therapy can be used in treating a wide range of health problems such as muscle pain, arthritis, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, and shoulder or joint stiffness to name a few.

Here are a few examples of a far infrared sauna:

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Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases the circulation of blood in the tissues
  • Helps the body eliminate toxins
  • Improves flow in the lymphatic system

Far infrared heat produces gentle heat which tends to have an analgesic effect and eliminates chronic pain that most people experience in different parts of their bodies. Stiffness in the joints are also greatly reduced with infrared therapy.

Research studies indicate that far infrared heat enhances joint movement, improves flexibility of muscles, and stimulates endorphins which relieve pain.

Far Infrared therapy also expands blood vessels. Expanded vessels improve blood circulation and allow the white blood cells and immune system chemicals to converge on sickly areas thus boosting the healing process.

The best thing about Far Infrared Therapy is that it doesn’t lead to a significant body temperature rise or blood pressure. And this makes it suitable for people with cardiovascular problems.

According to my assignment help Australia, far infrared saunas will protect your brain and help you stay sharp even as you age. Studies have shown that men who used their saunas four to seven times a week for at least fifteen minutes reduced the risk of dementia by 66 percent and Alzheimer’s by 65 percent. By investing in a sauna today you could start these improvements in your health tomorrow.

Today, there are lots of devices on the market that prove far infrared therapy. You’ll find heating pads and bedding supplies that you can use to improve your health.


Both near vs. far infrared saunas offer health benefits.  Taking the time to choose the best option available depends on your needs because either choice will improve your  quality of your life in the long run.


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