My Experience Of Using The Product. What Can I Get From It?

You can have a bubble spa or a massage spa in this Intex inflatable hot tub. After a day of busy working, pamper yourself in relaxing heated water surrounded by soothing message and bubble jets is such an enjoyment. It can make you relax, if you got a backache, have a hot massage spa will help relieve the pain on your back, and you can have a happy and relax weekend with your family or friends. If you buy one, there are more benefits you’ll find out.

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My Experience Of Using The Product. What Can I Get From It?

Since I always have a backache, and it both me very much. My girlfriend suggested me to buy an Intex inflatable hot tub, so I bought one. It was a box that weighed about 40 pounds. I was shocked to shout out. “Such a big boy”

My girlfriend and I unfolded the inflatable spa, it is quite simple to set it up, just unfolded the Intex inflatable set, plugged it to the socket, turn on the internal pump and it will blow up in a couple minutes.
Once it is inflated, then we add water into it. With the hose connected and turned on the tap, the Intex 77In Deluxe Massage Set was full of 210 gallons of cold waters after about 50 minutes.

Next thing was heating the water, it is simple, just hit the heat button on the easy-to-use interface, but it took too much time to wait for the water being hot enough for a massage spa. It took up to 48 hours to get the tub up to 105 degrees, so we covered it with the lid and waited.

After 2 days, the water was up to temperature, we put the chemicals into the water and turn on the jets buttons. Wow, it worked like a real hot spa!

This hot tub is supposed to hold up to four adults, but I think 2 is better if you want a more comfortable experience. With 4 people, it is a bit hustle and bustle. If you want to use it frequently, a regular schedule to clean the filter and add chemicals is needed.

Massage works to relax muscles and relieve pressure on nerves, after using the hot tub for nearly one week, my back pain relieved a lot, and I had a sound sleep at night!

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