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MSpa Super Camaro Review




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If I want to stay in and be in the hot tub and have people over to watch movies, I do that. – Demi Lovato 

Sometimes, when the countless hours that you’ve spent in the office, the endless rigmarole of the daily commute, the grind of everyday life, and the weight of the world become too much to bear, all you want to do is head for the safety of your home and plunge straight into a hot tub.

Worn down by the never-ending seconds and minutes that prop up the drudgery of our nine to five existence, we seek shelter and pleasure anywhere we can and for those of us who have had the luxury of spending any time in a hot tub, that’s where our daily freedom lies.

Sitting in the comforting warm waters and massaging bubbles of a hot tub, we’re at liberty to be who we are as our cares and worries slowly dissipate. Being able to lose ourselves in a hot tub is the sort of perpetual state of being that we all dream about.

But it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. The days when hot tubs were the exclusive playthings of the idle rich, overly pampered actors and vain celebrities are a thing of the past.

Thanks to the constantly evolving hand of technology, hot tubs have gone from being a fixture of ski lodges and health resorts to the latest must-have yard accessories that are well within the budget of anyone who longs to briefly escape the clutches of the working world.

They’re now something that we can all enjoy, and having spent more than our fair share of time in a number of hot tubs, and seeing as you’re here and obviously, on the lookout for a way to join the hot tub world, we thought we’d tell you all about one of the greatest secrets of the hot tub elite, the MSpa Super Camaro.

Now you can join the rest of us and stop imagining yourself wallowing in all of the incredibly affordable decadent luxuries that it offers, by making your hot tub fantasy a reality… 


MSpa Super Camaro

MSpa is one of those brands that it’s easy to put your faith in.

They don’t stand on ceremony, they don’t push their product on potential customers, they let their clients come to them and they let their hot tubs do all the talking for them. That’s how they became an industry leader in their chosen field.

They knew that their product was good, so they just sat back in their hot tubs and let word of mouth do all of their advertising for them.

It’s A Premium Thing

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Even though they make around twenty different models of hot tub, the Super Camaro rests squarely in MSpa’s premium range, and as you’ve probably guessed, the premium range is priced accordingly. It’s far from the cheapest tub they make, but at the same time, the Camaro isn’t as achingly expensive as you’d imagine.

While it’ll leave a dent in your bank balance, the mark it’ll make won’t be as big, or as damaging, as the premium tag might lead you to believe.  

Besides, any hot tub that shares its name with Chevrolet’s most famous, scene-stealing, world-changing muscle car is worth paying a little extra for. Especially if that tub lives up to the expectation that its name creates, which the Super Camaro most definitely does. 

Big Is Beautiful

The Camarao is big, and when we say it’s big we mean it’s really, really big.

Measuring eighty inches wide by twenty inches high, when it’s full the Camaro holds close to two hundred and fifty gallons of water and weighs close to twenty-two hundred pounds.

That means you’re going to have to have the space to accommodate this goliath.

So it’s either going to live in your yard or on your deck and if it’s the latter you’re going to need to make sure that it’ll take the sort of strain that the Camaro will place on it.

It’s the sort of tub that a single person could lose themselves in entirely and a small group of friends could easily relax in.

And it’s also ideally suited for the suburban family. While MSpa claims it’ll fit six adults, and we don’t doubt their word, that might be pushing it a little bit, and with that many of you in there, things might end up being a little cramped.

It’s more suited to four people, and if you stick to those sorts of numbers, nobody will end up impugning on anyone else’s personal space and everyone will be able to thoroughly enjoy everything that the Camaro has to offer. 

The Set-Up

One of the things that we adore about inflatable tubs like the Camaro is how straightforward and simple they are to set up.  

The Camaro is one of MSpa’s “plug and play” hot tubs, which means that it’s ready to go straight out of the box.

It runs off a self-inflation system that’s easy to understand even easier to use – you just plug the pump into a socket, attach it to the tub and it’ll do the rest.

The whole inflation process takes less than five minutes, and when it’s done, you just take your hose pipe and fill the Camaro full of water from the faucet.

And then, that’s when the fun really starts.

The Super Camaro uses MSpa’s built-in heat technology, so when the tub is full, just switch the heater on using the handy controller and the Super Camaro takes over.

It has a maximum temperature of one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit, which the Super Camaro takes roughly twenty-four hours to reach, but as the heat of the tub is fully programmable, if you like things a little cooler, it’ll reach your desired heat in less time.

Once it’s reached the temperature that you’ve set it for, it’ll maintain it for as long as you’re actively using, and in, the Camaro and can be programmed to last for anywhere between one and ninety-nine hours, via the wired controller.

It’ll stay as hot as you want it too, for as long as you want it too.   

Oh Those Bubbles, Those Beautiful Bubbles 

This is our favorite bit. Oz Clarke, the wine critic, once said that bubbles make everything better and he was absolutely right.  

The Super Camaro has one hundred and thirty-eight air jets which produce a maelstrom of bubbles and has a three-speed massage setting, so you can control the volume of bubbles that it makes at the touch of a button.

It’ll go from a gentle tickle to the sort of vigorous workout that your tired and weary muscles will thank you for that day, the next morning, and the one after that.

And, thanks to the whisper-quiet technology that it uses to make all of those incredible bubbles, you’ll still be able to enjoy good conversation or just drift away to your happy place without worrying about being disturbed or jolted back to reality by the air jets.  

If you’re anything like us, once you had a taste of the bubble extravaganza that the Camaro uses, you’ll never want to get out of the tub ever again.

Keeping Clean, Keeping Safe And No Bugs Please

So here’s some more good news – you’ll never have to share your tub with uninvited guests from either the insect or arachnid world.

When you’re not using it, you can just cover it up with the purpose-built cover that comes with it.

It’s easy to fasten in place and easy to remove and keeps the Camaro safe from any unwanted guests who might sneak into it while you’re not around. 

The Super Camaro also uses a state of the art filtration system that’s automatically switched on for sixty minutes every four hours, and the material it’s made from is anti-bacterial.

This means that the Camaro will effectively wipe out ninety-nine percent of any and all microbial life and bacteria that might spoil your tub time. It’s a super-clean, bubble-making machine designed to keep you safe and ensure you stay comfortable and relaxed. 

Talking About Comfort… 

While there isn’t any purpose-built seating in the Camaro, and for all intents and purposes, you’ll be sitting on the floor when you get in, as it’s an inflatable tub, when you do sit down you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cushion of air.

It’s like riding on a cloud, or at least what we’d imagine riding on a cloud actually feels like. Which is another way of saying that it’s incredibly comfortable. 

It Won’t Burst Will It? 

No, it absolutely will not burst. The Camaro is made from six layers of incredibly durable reinforced, PVC lined fabric.

It’s frost and tear-resistant, teenage shenanigans proof and protects the Camaro from UV damage and the sun’s rays.

Whatever you, and nature, can throw at it, the Camaro will happily, and easily shrug off to provide a lifetime of hot tub based pleasure for you, and anyone you want to share it with. 

And When You’re Done

When, and if (which is a very BIG if) you decide you want to put your tub away for a while, it’s even easier to take down than it is to set up.

You just pull the drain plugs, let the water flow out, fold it up and store it until you’re ready to use it again. Then you just take it out and start your hot tub adventure all over again. 


We’re not going to lie to you, we love the Super Camaro.

It’s the sort of hot tub that we’ve always dreamed about, and the only thing that spoiled the time we spent in it (so far) is having to go to work. 

If it wasn’t for the nine to five, we’d be in the Super Camaro twenty-four hours a day, seven hours a week. So be warned, once you’ve spent five minutes in the Super Camaro, you’ll never want to leave. 

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