Melting Snow Reveals Some Plants Already Growing

Welcome Spring!! Winter in New Brunswick Canada can seem so long making spring a very welcome sight indeed. I just love seeing the snow melt away revealing that Mother Nature has already been working under all that snow.

When the snow melted away from the front of our house I could see that peonies, tulips and crocus have already started growing.

A couple of days ago our little vegetable garden was still a frozen ice rink but the rain yesterday and last night have melted that into a duck pond. Hope we see some ducks this year. Maybe I’ll be able to get some better pictures than the last time they landed in our yard.

Our First Crocus of The Year

I always look forward to seeing the first Crocus of spring. They don’t last very long but sure look pretty. As the snow melted away from the west side of our house the first thing to show was this little crocus.

A day later another crocus popped up. Might be from the same plant but it sort of looks like a Crocus Minnie-Me.

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We’ll Soon Be Eating Rhubarb

Rhubarb is another thing I always look for. I had to walk through a bit of water surrounding the garage in order to get to the back to see if the rhubarb has started and it has.

Rhubarb’s Growing Already

Our second rhubarb patch, the one I started a year ago, was still covered with snow but it won’t be long before it’s growing. Looking forward to a rhubarb pie or two.

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Our Strawberry Patch Is Already Looking Good

Yesterday all the snow had melted off our strawberry raised bed revealing healthy green leaves. I guess piling all the yard leaves on top of the raised bed helped.

I replaced the rotting raised bed frame last summer and even made it bigger so I’m hoping we will have a whole lot more strawberries that we have ever had. They go really good with our rhubarb in pies and desserts.

It’s started and even if we get a little more snow, after all it’s only the first of April, spring has sprung. Plus I’ve already put out the humming bird feeder.

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