Making Yellow Pear Tomato Spaghetti Sauce


Over the weekend I cleared our the vegetable garden so now all I have to do is remove any remaining weeds and plants and I’ll dig it up and turn it over before winter.

Monday morning was a rather drizzly morning and I didn’t feel much like yard work today so instead I made a batch of spaghetti sauce using our yellow pear tomatoes, 2 small onions, 4 green peppers and a couple of red cayenne peppers.

A few of the tomatoes had past the point of being ripe and well on their way to rotting so they went to the compost bin. The remaining tomatoes were cut in half. I thought I had about 8 cups but it turns out I had at least double that, so I will be doing another batch later this week to use up the rest of the tomatoes and some more of the peppers.

The recipe I was using called for peeling the tomatoes but I like the skins and by cutting them in half the skins shouldn’t be a problem. I think they add extra flavour to sauces and is kind of a waste to peel them.

red cayenne peppersOnce I had cut up eight cups of tomatoes I diced a couple of small onions, finely chopped 2 red hot cayenne peppers as well as some green peppers. It was looking so good I had a hard time not eating any before I started cooking it. Just before it was completed I cut some basil from our indoor herb garden and add it for a bit more flavour.

I have so many cayenne peppers left I think I will put them on a cookie sheet and dry them so I can use them as dried throughout the winter. I’ll be curious to see how much we’ll have after they are dried and crushed up into flakes.

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