Making Some Yellow Pear Tomato Chutney

Every day I get up eager to see what’s going on in our vegetable garden. It’s usually still dark out when I get up so first I have my first coffee or two.

What a great way to start any day. I love picking ripe veggies and popping them right in my mouth like dad used to do. The only difference is Jenny and I are organic gardeners so we don’t use pesticides and I don’t get those horrible migraines any more.

Last year we had a yellow pear tomato plant and had quite a few tomatoes but this year we three of them and have more than we can eat. So I thought it would be a great time to learn how to preserve them and decided to learn how to make tomato chutney.

I will also make red tomato chutney, once we get some canning jars, as well as green tomato chutney, but for right now it’s yellow pear chutney.

Tomatoes are one veggie or fruit, depending on who you’re talking to, Jenny and I eat pretty much daily.

Our First Yellow Pear Tomato Chutney

Our son Steve sent me a Redneck Mason Jar for Father’s Day so I am going to use it for our yellow pear tomato chutney.

I am going to start with only a small batch, enough for this one jar, so that I won’t be wasting much if I screw it up.

This morning, just as it was beginning to rain, I went out and picked about 4 pounds of tomatoes. There were just enough yellow tomatoes to make a test batch of chutney.

Before I started anything I checked online to learn how to make tomato chutney. There are so many sites but most of them require ingredients we don’t have and I don’t feel like walking in the rain to get them so I kept looking.

I finally found an easy chutney recipe and have everything I need to make it. The recipe below is just a rewrite of the page I found and have linked the following header to that page to give them credit.

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Yellow Pear Tomato Preserves

This recipe will make about four half pint jars of chutney. I have cut the recipe in half for this test run.

4 cups sugar
5 cups yellow pear tomatoes
3 garden fresh jalapeno peppers
3 tablespoons basil leaves, chopped finely
3 tablespoons lemon juice, fresh is always best

Chop your pear tomatoes into quarters and chop up the peppers as well. Remove the seeds if you don’t want too much heat.

Using a good size pot, that’s non-reactive add 3/4s of a cup of water and the four cups of sugar to a slow boil and stir to bring the sugar and water together. Continue stirring until you have a soft syrup. If you have a candy thermometer bring the mixture to just over 230 degrees Fahrenheit, being careful not to allow the syrup top touch your skin.

Once you reach the ideal temperature you can stir in the tomatoes. This will bring the temp down and may solidify the syrup. Just give it a minute and it will return to the liquid state again. Next you can add the jalapeno peppers to the mix and keep stirring. Next comes the basil and then your lemon juice.

Now you will want to simmer the mixture for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, stirring periodically so as not to have it stick to the bottom and sides of your pot. Keep this up until you have it thicken and until it has changed to a rich dark colour.

To preserve your chutney use sterilized jars that have been dried and slowly pour the mixture in. Make sure you wipe any excess of before putting the sealing lid on it. Once you have that done you can put them in a bath of hot water for another ten minutes.

I can tell you that our first batch isn’t going to be preserved as we will just keep it in the fridge, just not for long. I’m drooling already and I haven’t even made it yet.

Okay, I’ve made my first ever batch of yellow pear tomato chutney and is it ever good. If I do say so myself. I only used a pound of tomatoes and one of my really hot cayenne pepper, both directly from the vegetable garden.

As a result I only made enough to fill the red neck wine glass – mason jar 3/4 full, but enough to know that I will be making more.

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