Landscaping Project: Make Your Front and Backyard Look Perfect

Do you have some free time and would like to invest it in improving the look of your yard? There are many things that can be done depending on your budget and the size of your property, but don’t let that intimidate you. Some smaller projects can be done over a weekend and on your own, and others do not even involve any building, just some maintenance. Take a look.

Install a water feature

For those hot summer days, consider adding a pool to your backyard. You might not always get a chance to go on a beach holiday, but this way, you can have a quick dip at your own place. Pool options are numerous these days. You can go for concrete, vinyl liner, ceramic or fibreglass pool; or, if you’re skilled enough, you can even make one on your own. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can install a plunge pool, a dip pool or an infinity pool. For a smaller-sized investment, consider a hot tub or a fountain.

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Add a fire pit

On the other hand, for those chilly autumn evenings, you might prefer adding a fire pit. They come in many shapes and sizes. If you have an old wheelbarrow or any other kind of metal container, you can make a fire pit by yourself, and it will even be mobile. You can place it in the background to enhance the atmosphere or make it the centrepiece of your yard. Surround it with furniture for cosy chill sessions.

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Build a gazebo

Having a gazebo or a pergola can be very handy for those warm rainy days. It keeps you dry, but you can still enjoy the outdoors. It can be made from various materials and decorated any way you like. Having comfy sofas and armchairs with plenty of soft throws and pillows with interesting patterns and colours will both make you feel relaxed and make your yard look amazing.

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For the kids

Don’t think that just because you have kids, your backyard can’t look nice and organised. Tell them which areas are off-limits for playing and provide them with a space for their activities. Building a cute treehouse can be a nice family activity and it can also add a youthful spirit to your yard. You can put up a tyre swing for your kid or go for a porch swing for the whole family. Consider adding a hammock for lazy days in the summer.

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Outdoor kitchen

If you have space and the means, consider building an outdoor kitchen. You can go all out and have a sink, a fridge, a range, cabinets, etc. However, it does not have to be big at all, just get a cooker and a counter where you can prepare everything. A cheaper way to go about this is to just get a movable grill that can be used for great barbeque parties.

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Build a storage shed

In case you don’t have any roof-covered areas, and you want it to stay that way, you can build a small shed in a corner of your yard. It can be used for storing all the outdoor furniture, the grill, the lawnmower and other gardening tools. You can get a premade one or design one that will fit your needs specifically. It does not have to cost a lot of money and it can be painted any way you want so that it will match the rest of your aesthetics perfectly.

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Washing the surfaces

Once you’ve installed and built the new features, you have to keep them clean and presentable. What good is a yard if it’s not gorgeous and well-kept? If you opted for a gazebo or a patio, make sure to wash it thoroughly with a pressure washer. Your driveway paver can also be cleaned in this way. Additionally, improving your curb appeal by painting your driveway.

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Cleaning the water features

If you chose to get a water feature, be it a pool, a hot tub or a fountain, you have to keep them spotless. Make sure that there are no algae, remove all leaves and debris and clean the filters regularly. When it comes to the pool, maintenance is of the essence for a lavish backyard.

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Pruning the trees and shrubs

When and how you prune your plants depends on their type. You should know what you have in your yard to be sure whether they need to be pruned in the spring or the summer, when dormant or right after they’ve bloomed. Determine which parts of the plant need to be removed. It’s important to have a pair of quality garden secateurs, shears and a handsaw as they will make a nice, clean cut. You should prune from the bottom up and from the inside out. Make sure not to remove more than a third of the plant.

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Taking care of the plants

Similar to your trees and shrubs, you need to look out for your smaller plants. Make sure they are regularly watered; you can even install an automatic watering system if you do not have the time to water them yourself. Get rid of the weeds; this can be done by adding mulch around the plants. When planting them, be sure that they will have enough space, water and light to develop. If you see any diseased flowers or vegetables, make sure to remove them straight away before they infect any other plants. You can use various sprays to keep bugs at bay. Having lush, colourful flowers will make both your front and backyard look grandiose.

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Mowing the lawn

This is a must. You can’t let the grass grow so tall that your house can’t even be seen. So, mow it regularly. Determine the right time to do it, and make sure not to cut it too short during hot summers. If you think that keeping a lawn neat is too demanding, you can always go for artificial grass.

There are many other things that can be done to improve your backyard and make it look perfect. Consider adding a privacy fence or planting a hedge around your property. Adding a trellis or a hanging garden can add a bit of flair to your yard, too. However, no matter what you opt for, you must remember to keep it clean and tidy, as that is the best way of having a gorgeous yard.

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