It’s Time To Get Ready For Winter


Well this is the second time this week I have woken up shivering, I guess it’s time to throw another blanket on the bed and maybe get my woolly socks out.

Everything has been harvested from our vegetable garden and the winter squash and pumpkins are in the garden shed for the next couple of days and then I’ll move them to the cold storage room in the basement.

Looks Like A Great Day For Some Yard Work

Jenny always has the weather channel on while she gets ready for work so she has an idea of what to wear. I walked in the living room just as Moncton was showing. I can expect a nice sunny day and 12 degrees. Perfect for getting some more yard work done before things freeze up and it starts snowing.

Yesterday was nice out so I took a few minutes and cut the raspberry canes down to about a foot from the ground. We’re hoping for another great crop of raspberries next year. The fact we had about a dozen new canes starting might mean we’ll get even more raspberries which really excites me as they are my favourite berries.

Maybe after a few more years I’ll have a nice raspberry patch like Penny who lives a couple of blocks away has. I walked past her place a couple of weeks ago and they were still producing berries.

pumpkins and winter squash

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