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Important Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning with Pets

Fido and Tomcat hold a special place in our hearts. We walk the extra mile to achieve a pet-proofed home and invest in pet-safe products and equipment to ensure that little Fido and Tomcat isn’t disturbed while we’re busy with the home chores.

There are dos and don’ts that you should be aware of when cleaning with pets. It is vital to take note of those to assure your pets that it’s going be to okay.

The Dos

Use organic cleaning supplies.

Organic cleaning supplies can be found in the kitchen such as vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. It can be used for wiping and disinfecting surfaces in your home. It can get rid of bad smell and can also be used to clean your pet’s things. Giving Fido or Tomcat’s bed a good clean makes them more comfy and relaxed.  Organic cleaning supplies are safe to use and will never harm your pet’s health.

Get a good quality vacuum cleaner.

A good quality vacuum cleaner can pick up pesky hairs and even get rid of bad smells. Good quality vacuums have a strong suction which is capable of pulling dog’s hair out from furniture and carpets. It is crucial to constantly vacuum the floor to avoid dirt build-up. A robot vacuum can help you maintain such home chore. It will keep the floor dirt-free all day even if you are not home or while you’re asleep. You can also set a schedule when to run it. It does not scare Fido or Tomcat away because it runs quietly and can be controlled remotely.

Clean after your pets.

Watch over your pets and clean up after them. Follow appropriate waste disposal management to protect against bacterial and parasite infection. Providing a litter bin can help train Fido or Tomcat to poop in the right place. It can save your cleaning time and can also help maintain a clean home. Moreover, clean your pet’s toys, beds and feeding bowls not only for your pet’s health but also to keep the house clean. Keep the house clean and your pets, as well!

Give them space.

Dogs are territorial by nature and they need their own space to relax. Provide a secure area that will make them feel safe while you’re cleaning is very important.  Dogs feel aggravated with vacuum noise and funny distractions. It will help if you put them outside and let it run around the garden while cleaning.

The Don’ts

Leaving the rubbish bin unsecured.

The rubbish bin is an attractive sight for Fido. He’s waiting for the right moment to tip off the bin to scavenge his favourite meal. Scavenging is a no-no! The floor gets messy which attracts insects plus the smell of the garbage may also linger in the house if left unattended. There might be spoiled food, small objects and poisonous substances in the trash which pose a big risk to your pet’s health.

Not having a litter bin.

The absence of litter bin means poop and pee everywhere. Expect Tomcat to think that it is okay to poop or pee on your expensive carpet, sofa and bed. Cleaning up can be a challenge and it is not a pleasing view when you wake in the morning. You can train them to discharge their waste in the litter bin or take it outside. Not replacing the litter bin can also lead to bad smells which can contaminate the house. Watch Tomcat’s diet to avoid bad stomach and wet poop.

Chewing and scratching.

Chewing and scratching leaves the floor messy and is also unsafe for your pet. It also damages furniture and may poison your pet. Some particles could be accidentally chewed which can cause bad stomach or extreme poisoning. Take little Fido for a walk to reduce such displaced behaviour.

Storing pet’s things in the kitchen

According to research, 67% of pet bowls have trace elements Salmonella even after dishwashing which can make you and your pet sick. Food and water bowl harbour germs and bacteria such as Salmonella and E-coli. Leaving your pet’s food bowl in the kitchen puts the entire family at risk. Plastic bowls are prone to bacteria because it is harder to disinfect and it has microscopic scratches which harbour germs and bacteria.

Pets are the best companions. Some studies can prove the benefits of having a pet. It is essential to always consider our pets when doing home chores. It is necessary to be aware of the dos and don’ts when cleaning with pets to ensure that they are not disturbed or distracted in any way. Keep your house clean and your pets happy.

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