How to Style Your Living Room from Head to Toe with Freedom?

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Your living room is the heart of your house, and it has to look like one. You spend most of your time in your living room, and it is also the place your guests will sit in. Making your living room comfortable while it also looks elegant is very important. While styling a living room may seem like a piece of cake, it isn’t. You have to put some serious thought into every aspect of the room. What kind of furniture do you have? What type of layout will you opt for? All of these things matter!

You don’t have to fill every inch of your living room with furniture. All you need is the right set of accessories. These days everyone is taking the minimalist approach and that only requires a few must-haves. Here are some tips for you to style your living room that you will find helpful.

  • Get a Proper Rug

No one buys those huge carpets anymore as rugs are taking over! While purchasing a rug for your room will make it look stylish, it is important that you buy the right one. A major mistake people make when buying rugs is not considering their size. People put a small rug in the living room which is not the right decision. A small rug is appropriate for placing in the corridor, your bedroom, or your kitchen. For your living room, you should have a big rug, unless your living room is tiny.

Large rugs may be expensive, but they are what your living room needs. An oriental weaver’s rug will make a worthy addition in your living room, and you should think about getting one.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors are a must-have when it comes to decorating your house. They can make any room look spacious and glamorous. Mirrors also reflect the light, making your room look brighter. You have different options about what kind of mirrors you want to add.

You can get a floor-length mirror or you can get multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes and paste them on one wall. A good idea would be to choose architectural-style mirrors. They will create an illusion of an extra door or window.

  • Buy the Right Sofa

Most people do not put much thought into buying their sofa when it can make or break the image of their living room. The right sofa can change the look of your room. A lot of times you see a living room that is well-decorated, but its whole sophistication is brought down because of the wrong sofa.

Buying your living room sofa randomly is something you should avoid as it can prove to be a very costly mistake. You have to keep in mind the size of your room and then buy a sofa that compliments it. For example, the sofa height is important, as the low seat is hard to get in and out of. If the sofa is not comfortable enough or is too small or too big, you will come to regret your decision soon.

It is better to stick to something simple, as simple never goes out of style. The important thing to look at any sofa is that its style is timeless. The fabric should also be of good quality. If your sofa checks both these boxes, then it will be an excellent addition in your living room and will last for a long time.

Make your sofa more comfortable by adding some pillows. They will make your sofas comfy and add texture to the room. You can also get cozy throw blankets for your couch in the living room.

  • Floating Shelves

We have always stressed on the importance of not over-crowding your living room. One way to save space and still add accessories in your room is with the help of floating shelves. You don’t have to find extra corners and spaces to add them. You just need a wall. Do not install the shelves haphazardly, but make it systematic.

You can stack books in these shelves as books have a very classic look. Look for antique pieces in thrift stores as they will look sophisticated. If you have photo frames of appropriate sizes, you can put them on the shelves too. However, you have to be careful that whatever you put on the shelves should complement each other.

  • Lighting

The lighting in your living room adds life to it! You can put as much effort as you like in decorating your room, but if it does not have good lighting, then it won’t matter. Good lighting will even brighten up the mood of your living room.

You can choose an old-fashioned chandelier or get modern-looking lamps. Floor lamps look beautiful in a living room. Place as many lamps as you can, but don’t get too much. The aim is to add a warm glow in your living room and add to the beauty of everything inside the room. Place your sofa between a pair of matching lamps, and it will create a symmetrical balance to the living room.

  • Complete the Look with Some Art

Be very careful when you choose the art for your house because the wrong one can make a bad impression on the onlooker. Even the way the art is hung, matters. Art should be hung at eye-level unless your ceiling is low. If you have huge wall space, group small art pieces to fill the space. The type of art you hang should also match with the theme of your living room, or at least it should enhance its beauty.

The art you get for your living room should also be in accordance with the tone. Abstract pieces with soothing colors will create a peaceful mood. If you love photography, you can look for landscapes or desaturated photos.

Is your living room styled according to these tips? If not, then it is time to restyle it! Happy Decorating!


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