How to Stay Healthy and Active While Traveling

No matter where you travel, it ends up becoming an unforgettable memory. Traveling is a lot of fun whether you’re out alone or with your friends and family.

We mainly travel to get away from the stresses of our daily lives and breathe some fresh air. But if you get sick or remain inactive the whole time, will your trip be worthwhile? Even if you are out on business or work-related trip, you can make it amazing if you take care of your health while you’re there. Here are some tips that will help you in taking care of yourself while you travel.

Be Mindful of What You Eat

The biggest challenge we face when traveling is that of food. We think of traveling as a break from everything that requires any responsibility, because of which we end up eating a lot of junk and other unhealthy stuff.

While it is understandable that you would want to eat everything that’s good in the place you visit, it doesn’t make sense for you to forego your health because of it completely.

Keep track of everything that you eat so that you know how much more you can handle on that day. Try to include healthy greens wherever you can. If there is something massively unhealthy that you have been itching to try, you might want to split it with your friends, so no one person takes the brunt of the burden. Get your daily diet guidance from the professionals of foodieswiki.

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Stay Hydrated

Whether you are traveling on a train or a plane, the chances are that you are drying your body out of all hydration. Since the weather and climate outside do not affect the internal condition of your traveling vehicle, it more or less always dries you out.

The first thing you should do is drink lots of water, on the flight and when you get off as well. Try to go for real water or fresh juices instead of sugary drinks and caffeinated drinks.

Other than that, keep a stash of moisturizing lotions, creams, balms, and other things as well.

You can also hit the spa for a relaxing, hydrating day as soon as you get off the flight. Express spas on airports are trending these days!

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Carry a Staple of Medicines

Make sure you have a couple of over-the-counter medicines readily available in your bag all the time. Some places may trigger your allergies or get you coughing and sneezing uncontrollably, so you need anti-histamines.

Other than that, if you face jet lag or general tiredness, it is possible that you suffer from headaches which is why you need painkillers. You also need analgesics for unexpected fevers that people commonly face in foreign lands. Lastly, it will also help you to carry anti-emetics and any over-the-counter antibiotics you can get your hands on. Also, keep fungal creams and other things like hydrocortisone on hand to make sure you are prepared for any unprecedented health event:

If you are traveling to a place with legal marijuana, you can even get a few hits whenever you want. There are many health benefits of marijuana if you take it without getting high. These medical benefits of marijuana can even substitute your medicine stash if you forgot something at home.

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Know How Much Your Stomach can Handle

You have to be especially careful about your stomach when you are traveling abroad because digestive issues are prevalent among travelers. We are often not used to the kind of food that people eat in foreign lands. The locals can digest it just fine, but since the ingredients and the preparation conditions are entirely new to us, we might get sick.

To prevent such digestive issues from happening, you need to make sure that you slowly get accustomed to the food you get in these places. Try to eat a little bit of the local cuisine and eat other things you are used to eating alongside that as well. Things you can safely eat include ready-to-eat foods like ramen, chocolates that are available internationally, fruits, and food that you carried with you from home.

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People often lose track of their sleep when they are traveling. This lack of sleep emerges from going out and being far too active all the time, from a jet lag, or general sleeplessness that you feel in a far-off land.

To eliminate the possibility of a jet lag, make sure you get a good day of sleep in your hotel room when you land. Try to get a room that is away from noisy areas like a construction site or machinery. Make the room as dark as possible, drink some chamomile tea if you want and go to sleep.

If you are generally feeling sleepless, you would want to drink some chamomile or lemongrass tea at night to help you sleep.

Make sure you know how much your body can handle and don’t tire yourself out too much while you’re out on a little venture.

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Keep Track of How Much You Move

It is rare to travel and not move around. We take trains and buses and subways whenever possible but to get a feel for the real beauty of a city; we need to travel on foot as much as we can. So if we are spending so much time traveling on foot, why don’t we measure how much we are walking around while we’re at it too?

Try to wear a pedometer and take note of how many steps you should walk and how many you end up walking every day. If you try to match your diet with your movement, you can easily reach your fitness goals while having fun on vacation as well.

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Exercise Whenever You Can

People often forego exercise entirely when they are traveling. It is understandable especially if you are on vacation, but this is not a healthy habit at all. It will help you if you get even ten minutes of a full-body workout whenever you can during the day.

If you completely let go of regular exercise, you will find it difficult to get back into your routine when you are back home. You might also end up losing your fitness on your vacation as well.

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Avoid Dirt and Bacteria

Most of us cannot afford to travel in extreme luxury and are often in danger of coming in contact with germs. Germy-hotspots include public toilets and toilets on a plane or train. Almost all the public areas we visit are full of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Keep an anti-bacterial sanitizer with you at all times. Other than that, keep anti-bacterial wipes with you as well and wipe off toilet seats before using them since it is nearly impossible to avoid them entirely.

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Get Some Fresh Air

Try to explore the natural side of the place you’re traveling in as well. Visit parks, gardens, or take a walk along the streets under the sky. People often spend all their time indoors in places like malls, casinos, and other recreational spots because of which they miss out on a lot of fresh air and end up compromising their health as well.

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