How to Make Kitchen Cupboards Shine in Your New Kitchen

How to Make Kitchen Cupboards Shine in Your New Kitchen

When you walk in your kitchen, what do you see? If it’s like most kitchens, you will see cupboards and appliances. Kitchen cupboards are the biggest attraction in any kitchen just because of the sheer space that they occupy. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that they stand out. If you are planning a kitchen renovation, customised kitchen cupboards could be exactly what you need.

Check Out What’s Trending

There are plenty of websites online, such as Pinterest and Houzz, where you can get inspiration from other home designs. On these sites, you will find plenty of kitchen renovations and unique ideas for kitchen cupboards. Take advantage of all of the photos and ideas that you find to come up with a look that you love. Rather than just choosing one look or another, consider mixing and matching parts of various designs that you enjoy to create your own space.

Choose Paint Instead of Stain

Wood stain is a popular choice among many homeowners for things like trim, kitchen cupboards, and other built-in fixtures in the home. Wood can look luxurious and provide a stunning finish, but it’s everywhere. If you really want your cupboards to show their best side, consider painting instead. It doesn’t have to be a bright colour, just so long as it isn’t white. White is not only overdone and sometimes dull, but it is incredibly hard to keep clean and that’s the last thing that you need in a kitchen.

Upgrade to Customised Cabinetry

One of the best ways to impress everyone (including yourself) with your new kitchen design is to invest in custom-designed kitchen cupboards. You can create the perfect layout and choose all types of cabinet styles to fit every storage need that you have. Plus, a custom kitchen is going to further increase your home value and draw attention to the property if you were ever to decide to sell.

Choose Bold Hardware and Accessories

One way to make cupboards pop is to choose hinges, hardware, and other accessories that stand out. Consider the colour or finish of the hardware and how well it will match your cupboard colour. Also, look at the styles available and find what suits you best. There are modern accessories and hardware, traditional styles, and even vintage pieces for a truly unique look that is sure to get noticed. Your cupboards are only as stylish as their hardware, after all, and this is a cheap way to make a big impact on your cupboard design.

Consider Under-Cabinet Lighting

This lighting is not only going to showcase your cupboards, but it will also give you a useful source of light without turning on the big overhead fixture. There are a number of types of lighting to choose from, including strip lighting and canister-style lighting, and many kitchen showrooms will have examples of lighting options on display to help you decide what you like best. When you renovate our kitchen, you are going to want to show it off. What better way to do that than with some simple lighting under the cabinets?

Minimize Other Fixtures and Furniture 

For your cupboards to get noticed, they have to be seen. They can’t shine when they are crammed into the corner, hiding behind an oversized island that doesn’t fit the room, or otherwise overshadowed by other elements of the kitchen. If you want to have cupboards that stand out, you have to keep this in mind when choosing the rest of your new kitchen design.

Choose a Custom Island

Another great cupboard space, for those who have the room, is the kitchen island. Customising an island for your kitchen can create a unique piece. You can choose to install it to the floor or leave it floating. Some people even put wheels on their islands for easy relocation as needed. While the rest of your cupboards can look impressive with the right finish and hardware, the island is really going to shine when it is done well.

There is so much that you can do with your new kitchen cupboards. Whether you need function on a budget or just want the best-customized design, you can make your cupboards stand out with ease.

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