How to Design a Productivity-Boosting Office

The way your office looks can have a huge impact on your employees’ productivity. You cannot underestimate the amount of influence a work environment has on the general mood in the office. Everything from wall colors to office chairs can either help you improve work efficiency, or become a distraction. To improve your company’s performance, you should create a space where working will be a nice, creative process, not just another task that has to be completed.

Fresh air is important

Sometimes you really try to solve a problem or find a good idea, but you just get stuck. It can get quite frustrating, especially if you focus on this issue for a long time. Your employees have the same problem, but fortunately, there’s an easy solution that can help. Instead of torturing yourself over it, it’s better to take a break. Even a few minutes will do. Taking a short walk or exercising a bit can really help bring the creative process back on track. If you allow people to take a moment and breathe fresh air, they’ll come back to work with new energy. You can even use a balcony or a roof to create a place to relax and move around a bit. Just keep in mind that workplace safety is the employer’s responsibility, so make sure to provide balustrades and handrails for security.

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Use chalkboard paint

If your office looks boring, it’ll probably be boring and tiring to work there. True, it’s not always the case. But generally, people enjoy their workspace more if it’s visually appealing. You don’t need to plan a big renovation right away. There are a few simple solutions to implement and make the whole space look really modern and cool in no time at all. One of such things is chalkboard paint. Currently, you can get it in almost any color you can think of, so you don’t have to worry about a black wall making the whole office look gloomy and dark. It’ll be a nice addition to the interior design, and you can use it to write down important things and announcements.

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Keep the office clean

A clean and tidy work environment can be a real productivity booster. And even if you hire a cleaner to come once or twice a week to take care of the mess, it may not be enough. That’s why you should make some simple rules for your employees to follow. You can implement trash duty and make sure everyone knows to keep their desks tidy. Another easy solution to the messy workspace problem is providing your workers with a separate room where they can have their meals.

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Provide personal space

Every office worker spends hours a day sitting at the desk, which can get very tiring and monotonous after a while. Giving them a possibility to personalize their workspace a bit can help solve this situation. Adding a personal touch like a photo or a poster can make them feel more ‘at home’. If you’re planning a renovation, you can ask your employees for their ideas as well. Maybe there are things that can make the office more comfortable or make work more effective. Plus, including workers in the decision making will make them feel more connected to the company.

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Go green

Green is a very relaxing color. It can help you stay focused, which is very helpful, especially at work. It can reduce stress and boost creativity. Adding plants is a great idea as well. They are not only a popular trend in modern interior design, but they’ll let you bring some nature into the office. Creating a nice atmosphere in a workspace can improve the mood of the people working there, and make it look more appealing to every potential future employee.

With a few simple additions to your office, you can really boost productivity. Creating a great workspace is not as complicated as it may seem, but you should take some time and carefully consider what will suit your needs best.

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