How To Decorate Using Carefree Silk and Artificial Plants

Interior decoration has indeed taken a new direction with a new twist to feng shui. People now do a lot more than paintings, using wallpapers, and arrangement. Trending now are carefree silk and artificial plants to decorate inside your home.

Beautifying a home has never come easy, but with the modern generation of artificial plants in the market, it makes home décor look like a breeze.

For a long while now, there has been a bad reputation for artificial plants. Maybe it deserved it then, but not now, not anymore.

The days of old, rusty artificial plants are now far gone. The more recently produced artificial greenery is re-writing the pages about artificial plants for interior decoration.

There are different ways to use these artificial and silk plants and they are easy to maintain and carefree. These plants are also beautiful round the year and help to save money while beautifying the home.

If you are ready to give artificial plants a second chance in your home, then let’s learn how to use lush carefree silk and artificial plants here.

All-round beauty from artificial plants

Natural Dieffenbachia silk plant

Nearly Natural Dieffenbachia

One of the fastest means of beautifying your home is to decorate it with faux flowers. Home decoration seems to take an exciting new turn where artificial plants are involved.

The possibility of using different styles means that you can quickly improve and beautify a space. Simply adding fresh-looking flowers to a space can change the appearance quickly.

This faux version of flowers gives you the chance to permanently keep beautiful and exotic flowers in your home.  This is because these artificial flowers are effortless to maintain.

According to the reports of essay writers at Personal statement writing service with knowledge and experience of artificial flowers, a hanging pot makes your decoration more authentic.

You can just put the flower’s full arrangement in the middle of the kitchen table. Also consider blooms such as orchids, silk peonies, and hydrangea. But try to avoid artificial features. They spoil the fun.

Friendly fillers from potted silk plant

Decorating with fake leafy plants such as snake plants and ferns are a great choice. The stitches present in the stems and leaves of these plants are usually masked by the dark colors of the leaves.

So, the best place to put topiaries at home is in the traditional home décor. You can add artificial shrubberies that require low maintenance as well.

Artificial plants like boxwoods and false ferns that appear very naturally are made in bold shape to blend in with the complementary décor.

For example, if you want to make a space more cohesive, you can put around a topiary shrub by the side of a round mirror.

Artificial Ivy to give splendid beauty

Artificial Ivy

Artificial Hanging Ivy

Ivy is probably one of the most beautiful and popular artificial indoor plants with a perfect touch in silk. This indoor plant adds so much class to the mantels, bookcases, and cabinet areas as well.

In one of the researches of the best essays, at their best paper writing services, the best way to enjoy the beauty and effect of artificial ivy is to allow it to mimic the real Ivy plant.

Some of the ways to do this are by winding it above window frames and around ladders or leaving it to hang from planters. There are already many silk ivy arrangements that are in planters.

There are also other artificial blooms, such as African violets. Artificial ivy is good for decoration. You can hang it on the wall with string lights creating a secret garden for you.

Cacti and silk succulents for spiky symmetry

It is now common for succulents to be seen in clusters in different parts of the home and office, on desks, bookshelves, and countertops. These artificial plants can be easily taken care of and can match with plenty of other decors.

This is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Cacti and natural succulents also have a coating of wax that the artificial plants also mimic very well.

You will enjoy seeing the silk succulents and cacti in the same place that you would have put a real plant. It doesn’t matter if it is on the tables, shelves, or cute terrariums.

Artificial seeds and bulbs

You can add some real texture to your actual floral arrangements with single stems of artificial plants such as eucalyptus and cotton. Many more exotic species are available as well, such as ginkgo.

When you place it alone, the branch of an artificial seed can become one elegant silhouette. Place seed clusters, stems, and bulbs on bookcases in delicate vases as accent pieces.

These plants are also great when they are on the mantle in groups for some seasonal display or holidays. You can as well include single silk flowers stem on your shelf or bedside table for a touch of dainty.

 Leafy fullness with artificial potted trees

There’s no wrong with being bold even when you are decorating with fake or artificial plants. There are plenty of popular silk species, such as the life-like rare fronds, the fiddle-leaf fig tree, and even more exotic species.

“With these plants, you do not need to worry about the care and maintenance. There are plenty of silk plants that you are also allowed to keep such as Yucatan palms, Dracaena, and Japanese maples,” says Martina Grace, who works a lot far from home at essay writing help.

For the best decorative sights, ensure that you put the silk tree close to a natural or near natural light. This will give it an authentic touch, which is needed to keep it looking fresh.

Make a stylish statement with decorative planters

The fact that the artificial plants you are decorating with are silk plants is not enough for you to deny them specific treatment. They should also get the full treatment like another would have. Having a beautiful and decorative planter itself adds a lot of beauty to space where it is placed, as well as the plant does. As a matter of fact, if you want your faux plant to appear very real, the best way to do that is to use them along with attractive planters.

This is because the pot or planter draws more attention to itself than the leaves of the silk. One recent paper writer lists from an online paper writing service says that decorative vases, baskets, and urns as some of the best choices for people looking to decorate with artificial plants.

If you want a popular planter option, that will be an industrial concrete square or earthy terracotta pot. You can also choose to vary the texture, pattern, and color from boho suspension of macramé netting, to coastal glass.

The potted plants and faux trees fill the lonely corners

We all have that sparse spot in our homes that we might not be sure what to do with it. Well, you found one now. These spots are good sites for artificial potted plants and artificial trees for texture and color in the area.

So, if you have a bookshelf with plenty of space or a corner that needs filling, artificial plants are perfect there. You can also put them in your laundry room to give it a little more life.

Those spots are perfect for artificial plants as they don’t need sunlight and water like fresh plants. However, you can still put in an artificial tree if the free space is close to the window. It does not matter. There are endless opportunities for you to fill out spaces with décor.


Artificial plants are the next big thing in home décor. They are fast-moving away from the previously poor reputation and establishing themselves quickly. So, waste no more time, buy an artificial plant now!


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