How To Clean A Stained Toilet?

Two things happen when you have a stained toilet; especially the stained toilet bowl. One, you definitely do not your guests to see that and two: you don’t want to use that toilet either. You may think it is still clean and germ-free, but it’s really a pain to the eye as well.

But who is responsible for the stained toilet? Definitely, the hard water. Hard water can build up on any toilet and as the more and more days pass, the rust and scale leave the stain.

No matter how expensive power flush toilets you have, hard water will cause you this pain. On a side note; if you want to know more about power flush toilets, click here.

Fortunately, there are some cleaning products and effective homemade methods you can take to solve the problem. In this article, I will talk about how you can clean a stained toilet.

How To Clean A Stained Toilet?

Most of us have a common fear that if you don’t hire a professional plumber to do it, we may end up scratching the porcelain. Yes, if you do it in the wrong way or use any harsh chemical cleaning agent, that’s a possibility.

But cleaning your stained toilet is so easy and a simple task that it does not require you hiring any professionals such as That’s Clean Maids (although they might do the work faster and more efficiently). Just follow my following tips and you will have a stain-free shiny toilet once again!

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Things You Will Be Needing

You don’t need any fancy stuff and costly stuff. All you need to have the 3 things to get rid of the stain:

  1. A toilet cleaning brush. You already have a toilet, so you already have a cleaning brush, right? If not, buy one immediately. You will need it occasionally to clean your toilet.
  2. Any toilet cleaner from any reputable brand (make sure it is not harsh). Make sure your cleaning agent has limescale or hard water fighting properties. Or if you want to go soft and homemade, consider having baking soda and vinegar.
  3. And of course, for your own protection, you need a pair of hand gloves.
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Steps To Clean The Stained Toilet

Before we go down there, let me remind you that cleaning the toilets may seem yucky and daunting. Since you use the toilet too, you should be the bigger woman or man in the family.

The whole process should not take you more than 10 minutes. So, how this can be so hard and daunting, right? Okay, with that in your mind, just follow the step by step process:

Method 1: Using Baking Soda& Vinegar Solution

If your toilet is too expensive and you do not want to take a chance to scratch the porcelain, this homemade solution is for you. You may already know that you can use the baking soda and vinegar mix to clean a lot of household stuff.

The same solution works for cleaning the stained toilet too. Just follow the following steps:

  1. First, we will create a fizzing action inside the toilet bowl using the baking soda and the vinegar. So, pour only 1 cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl and use the toilet brush so that it can reach every inch of the toilet bowl or where you got the stain.
  1. The first step is done. Now in step 2, we need to pour the baking soda. Pour the soda to the toilet bowl (only 1 cup). Now pour 2 more cups of vinegar again. This will create the fizzing reaction inside the toilet bowl. You need to allow a minimum of 15 minutes to do their magic.
  1. Now, use the toilet brush to reach the solution every side and corner of the toilet bowl. If you notice any stains above the water level, make sure the solution reaches there too.
  1. Wait for another 30 minutes to properly loosen up all the stains from your toilet. Scrub the bowl until all the stains are gone. Keep brushing with the toilet brush and if the toilet brush is not working, try using a stiff-bristled nylon brush. And finally, flush the toilet several times. Now you got a sparked and shiny toilet.

Method 2: Using Commercial Cleaning Agent

Step: 1

The first step is to prepare yourself for the protection from the direct touch of the chemical agent. So, put on your gloves first. Now you are ready for the main action. Open up the toilet seat and pour the cleaning agent on the rim and toilet bowl.

The cleaning agent will do the two things: it will kill all the germs and loosen up the hard water stains from the toilet. And another very important thing I would like to mention; very carefully read the instruction that comes with the cleaning agent. Follow their instructions.

Step: 2

After you pour the cleaning chemical, brush the toilet bowl properly. When you do so, make sure the cleaning agent reaches every nook, u-bend, and cranny of the toilet.

Step: 3

Now, we have to wait for the cleaning agent to work. The waiting should not be more than 20 to 30 minutes depending on the cleaning agent. Have a cup of coffee and listen to your favorite music during this time.

It’s very important to allow this time. Otherwise, you will end up blaming the cleaning agent and me hopelessly.

Step: 4

Assuming you have allowed the necessary time for the solution to work, it’s time to give your toilet one final scrub. Scrub in gently so that you don’t damage the porcelain of the toilet. Scrub gentle until all those stubborn stains are loosened up completely.

Step: 5

Give your toilet the power flush to wash away all those chemicals. Once it is done, you should have a stain-free completely new flushing toilet.

Summing Up

Like I said, cleaning a stained toilet is not rocket science and you definitely do not need to call the plumber to clean it. You will get a stained toilet several times during the life-cycle of the toilet. It’s better learning the tips yourself rather than calling for help every time.

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