How to Clean A Hot Tub

A fully relaxing hot tub experience is best achieved with a clean and safe hot tub. However, the chore of keeping one in pristine condition is something not everybody welcomes.                                       

What many owners do not know is that scrubbing a hot tub clean is not as tedious as it seems, if done regularly. Here are useful hints on how to keep hot tubs spotless and hygienic:

How To Clean A Hot Tub

  • Check for chemical levels in the water for safety. Chemicals do not only soften the water but also rids it of bacteria that can cause water-borne diseases. But too much or too little sanitizers and softeners can cause more harm than good. Chemical testing can be done with kits available from pool stores. For best results, water sampling may be performed on a weekly basis. Test kits will determine total alkalinity and calcium hardness. Ideal alkalinity should be between 80 ppm and 120 ppm (parts per million), ph levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6 and calcium hardness should be between 250 ppm and 400 ppm.

  • Chemicals used for cleaning should be effective enough to remove scum. Scum can be difficult to wash, even with regular brushing. These are hard water elements and other materials that stick to the hot tub’s surface and can only be removed with the right chemicals. To determine the correct amount and type of chemical to use, it is a good idea to take a sample of your hot-tub’s scum to the pool store for advice. Pool experts should be able to determine the proper procedure and chemicals to use in washing out such unwanted materials in your hot tub.

  • After determining whether the chemical levels are acceptable or not, and you are ready with the chemicals to use, proceed to drain the hot tub fully before starting to brush the surface. Fiberglass hot tubs may react to constant brushing; it is better if a small inconspicuous surface is brushed first to determine if marks appear.

  • After the scrubbing or brushing, wash the tub with water and rinse thoroughly before filling it up with brand new water. Also make sure filters are clean before installing them. If they are worn or damaged, immediately replace them to prevent further damage to the pipes of your hot tub. Cleaning the filters may require soaking overnight; it is best to have a second set that can be rotated for use when the old one is being cleaned. This is will likewise prolong the life of the filters. Also, care must be observed when washing filters and flushing pipes and drains to prevent accidents.

Hot tubs and pools provide maximum relaxation and fun. Cleaning and maintaining it in perfect condition is worth every investment one makes on them. If unsure about the right process and chemicals to use in cleaning a hot tub, always refer matters to the pool specialists. They should be able to give recommendations on what chemicals and tools to use and the appropriate procedure about taking care of your spa. You may also consider hiring the services of reputable pool maintenance contractors for an expert hot tub cleaning job.

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