How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Towel?

  • By: Paul
  • Date: January 10, 2022
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If one accessory is necessary for your hot tub, it is a hot tub towel.

While no one is stopping you from dishing out an extra pair of bath towels next to your spa, hot tub towels need a few special considerations. 

For you to dry off, you need a towel that is large enough to (maybe) work as a makeshift cover for your lawn chair where you sit out between taking dips in the hot tub. It would help if you also considered the weather to choose the material, weave, and texture.

Lastly, who uses the towel is vital in selecting the correct size. 

Read on as we discuss all the factors to consider before buying a hot tub towel to ensure you make the right choice. 

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Hot Tub Towel  

While the feel of a spa towel needs to be plush and soft to enhance your spa experience, you also need a material that will not take too long to dry.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have for you the definitive guide to buying a hot tub towel that will last you a long time. 


When buying a hot tub towel, opt for a beach towel size. This will not only help you dry off quickly but also act as a barrier between you and where you sit as you come out of the hot tub.

Larger size towels work especially great for you in between taking turns in the hot tub. The average towel should be around 31 inches x 63 inches

However, if you have children who use the hot tub, you need to go for an appropriate sizing as towels too big a size can be challenging to use.

It would be best if you opted for a towel especially made for children – some come with hoodies for quick wrapping up.

Despite that, generally bigger is better as you can quickly wrap yourself up and dry off once you step out of the spa, especially if you live in colder areas. 


Towel material is probably the most crucial consideration when selecting a hot tub towel.

Several materials are available in the market, from cotton to microfiber, each with its own qualities. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, but let’s look at the most popular materials in detail.

1. 100% Cotton 

Not many can rival the comfort and fast drying ability of 100% pure cotton towels when it comes to towel materials.

Not only do these towels feel soft and luxurious – just the right fit for a hot tub- they also dry much faster, which is one characteristic necessary for a spa towel.

They are also absorbent – another bonus point.

Since hot tub towels are used much more frequently than a traditional bath towel, 100% cotton’s relative quick-drying feature makes it the best material out there for a hot tub towel.

However, hot tub towels are also exposed to sun and water balancing chemicals. Pure cotton can show signs of fraying faster than some other material worth considering. 

2. Turkish Cotton 

Turkish cotton is a premium cotton blend with longer strands than standard cotton, making it feel softer and absorb more moisture.

This luxurious cotton blend makes for high-absorbing and light towels that soak up water without feeling rough on your skin. 

However, don’t confuse Turkish towels with the cotton blend, as the term refers to super light weaved towels in hammam style.

3. Egyptian Cotton 

Hot tubs are an indulgence, and nothing screams ultimate extravagance like Egyptian cotton.

This hand-picked cotton has even longer strands than Turkish cotton, making it super soft to the touch. With long fibers, the towel will last you a long time.

Moreover, its porous texture allows for good ventilation and minimal build-up of smells.

4. Microfiber 

Microfiber is an excellent manufactured replacement for various cotton blends.

These fibers absorb well and also dry faster than natural materials like cotton.

However, they do not feel anywhere near as luxurious as premium cotton blends – but they are lightweight and occupy less storage space. 

Weave And Towel Construction 

Although standard cotton spinning might result in a less expensive towel, ringspun towels are way softer, feel more luxurious, and last longer.

Also, see if the towel has combed cotton, which removes impurities and smaller strands that cause the towel to fray faster. 

The absorbency of your towel also depends on the loop. Single loop towels might absorb slightly less than double loop counterparts, but they dry much quicker.

Since the absorbance difference isn’t drastic, we will take the quick-drying single-loop towel any day. 

Thickness (GSM) 

A towel’s thickness is measured in GSM (grams per square meter).

The higher the GSM, the thicker the towel. While towels with high GSM are plusher, they are also difficult to dry.

Therefore, if you use such towels in between tips to the hot tub, you will likely be using a wet towel most of the time.

Thus, we prefer a mid-range GSM towel (close to 500 GSM) that dries quickly without compromising quality and feel. 

Details Matter

Even if you have got the best material, delicate stitching details could be the difference between the towel lasting you years or fraying in no time.

Look at the seams and go for a double stitched finish that adds another layer of stability to make sure your towels last a long time, 


A hot tub is an experience; any accessory you add to it has to work with your design aesthetic, especially if you have company.

Thus, towels are no different. You can go for classic designs with simple pastel colors or liven up your ambiance with bold patterns.

Remember that single-colored towels compared to printed and graphical designs require different upkeep. While lighter colors may not be forgiving for stains, a darker color can fade away over time. So, pick wisely.

Care Tips To Improve The Life Of Your Hot Tub Towels

Follow these simple tips to extend the life of your hot tub towels:

  1. To reduce lint, wash before first use. 
  2. Use a mild detergent and warm wash setting. 
  3. Separate your solids, prints, and colors before washing. 
  4. A fabric softener might affect a towel’s absorbency. So use with caution, or better yet, avoid it. 
  5. Tumble dry your towels on a warm heat setting. 
  6. Skip the bleach as it can cause discoloration. 

Final Thoughts 

When buying a hot tub towel, you need serious considerations about the material, price point, weave, and style.

Although a little expensive, towels with premium materials will last you longer.

We recommend a 450 – 500 GSM Egyptian cotton, single loop, beach size towel with double stitching to strike the right balance between luxury and performance.