How To Choose The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner ?

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best handheld vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s simply a case of determining what kind of device you need, before using independent handheld vacuum reviews to find a top-rated machine from a brand you can trust.

Of course, what represents the ‘best’ vacuum is open to interpretation.  For some, it’s all about power and performance.  For others, keeping costs to an absolute minimum is a priority.  In any case, finding your ideal handheld vacuum cleaner can be as simple as asking yourself a few basic questions.

The most important of which being as follows:

Where Will I Be Using It?

First up, it’s worth considering where (and the extent to which) you will be using your new vacuum around the home.  Do you intend to use it simply for everyday touch-ups, or are you planning to use it as your primary vacuum cleaner? The more often and intensively you plan to clean your home with your new cordless, the more powerful, capable, and versatile it needs to be. Simpler devices are fine for dealing with smaller jobs but aren’t designed to replace the main vacuum cleaner.

What Kinds Of Accessories Do I Need?

Some cordless vacuums are supplied with a variety of accessories, while others come with nothing other than the primary unit.  There are also some that are not compatible with accessories, so purchasing add-ons at a later date isn’t an option.  It’s up to you to determine which accessories you need to keep your home clean, ensuring they’re included (or available) before placing your order.

Does It Have a Decent Run Time?

Again, the importance of run time (or battery life) will be determined by how and when you intend to use your vacuum. Some cordless vacuums are good for around 10-15 minutes, which is enough to deal with the odd spill here and there.  By contrast, others can run for 20-40 minutes, which is enough to give most (or all) of the home a good clean. Charging times should also be considered, which can be anything from two hours to more than six hours.

Is It Suitable For Pet Hair Removal?

If you have pets at home, this should also be factored into your decision.  Some cordless vacuums are designed specifically to tackle problematic pet hair, while others come with additional accessories to power through the pet-related mess. Then there are those that simply do not have the power you need to pick up and remove embedded pet hair. If it hasn’t been made/approved for pet hair removal, it probably won’t get the job done when putting to the test.  Also, there are many best handheld vacuum for carpet, stairs, hardwood floors, etc., All you need is to choose the vacuum that you need.

How About Filtration And Allergies?

Along the same lines, you’ll also want to consider filtration and allergen-reduction. If you have allergy-sufferers at home, opt for something that has a HEPA filter as an absolute minimum.  Removable and washable filters can also be good, but it’s a total allergen and particle reduction you should focus on. Anything lower than 99.9% allergen-reduction may be unsuitable for your requirements.

Does It Have Good A Customer Feedback?

The easiest way of assessing the quality and performance of a vacuum before buying it is to see what others have to say about it.  Consult customer reviews online and see where the general consensus points.  If the vast majority of people are happy with a vacuum and would recommend it to others, it’s most likely a safe bet.

Is It Supplied With A Warranty?

Last but not least, under no circumstances should you ever purchase a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t come with at least a basic warranty of some kind from the manufacturer. Most leading brands cover their cordless vacuums for one or two years, while others offer somewhat shorter warranties of six months or so. Longer warranties almost always indicate products of higher quality and greater reliability.

In Summary

After establishing your requirements, use the best handheld vacuum reviews from independent sources to help you select your ideal vacuum.  Particularly when buying online, it’s important to ensure you place your order with a seller you can trust.

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