How Long do Hot Tubs Last?

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Ever since one of the best ways to relax and is by taking a nice and refreshing dip at the hot tub. Just imagine how great it would feel when the warm water washes away all the tired and stressed feeling that is sticking to every pore of your body while you are sipping your favorite drink.

If you have a hot tub at home, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if you get stressed out at work because you have something to counteract that when you get home. Having a hot tub is really a big pleasure but it does also not come at a cheap price, which is why I think every hot tub owner, or hot tub owners-to-be, would want to know how long they get to enjoy their investment on the spa.

Knowing the life span of a hot tub could assist you when you decide to purchase one because the longevity of a product would base on the quality of the materials and its construction and how good the owner takes care of it.

How Long is the Life Span of a Hot Tub?

You know what they say, nothing lasts forever, and your hot tub would most definitely not last forever. A typical hot tub can last from 5 to 20 years, although this range can also depend on how well the owner will take care of it. The plastic parts and components of the tub will most likely be the first one to wear and tear since those parts are usually the ones that come in contact with all the chemicals used in cleaning the water and maintaining the tub. Chlorine and other chemical agents will dissolve these pieces slowly over time, but you can help a bit by cleaning and wiping those chemicals down every once in a while. The rule of thumb here is to get everything clean when you drain and refill the tub.

The major parts of the tub will work for a period of time, but they will also require some service at one point or another. Replacing parts of the tub like the heater and water pump are just considered as routine maintenance. Follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer for the maintenance and you will protect some part of the tub from getting ruined.

Do not wait for long before getting replacing a unit that is already faulty, you are going to put your hot tub at risk of causing even more damage which will significantly reduce the lifespan of your hot tub.

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