How Easy Is It To Move A Hot Tub?

  • By: Adam
  • Date: August 28, 2022

How easy your hot tub is to move will depend on its current location, where you want to move it to, the route you’ll need to take it to its new location, and also the weight and size of your hot tub.

Having lots of people help to carry your hot tub to its new location will make the process much easier as you’ll be able to balance the weight across everyone. 

If you’ve got to get the hot tub down a flight of stairs or through a narrow pathway then this will make the process a lot more difficult for you and you’ll have to spend more time and care trying to plan your route.

If you’re only going to be moving your hot tub a short distance from its current location, then you’ll need a minimum of three extra people to help carry it.

However, if the weight of the hot tub is going to be too much to carry, then you may want to consider hiring a truck to help transport it. 

To make moving your hot tub as easy as possible, you’ll want to make sure you drain, disconnect and dry the hot tub completely before even attempting to move it.

Make sure you read the instructions on your specific hot tub to see what is required when you’re moving it.

Can you move a hot tub by yourself?

No, it is not recommended to move a hot tub by yourself. Moving a big permanent hot tub will require the strength and power of at least 3 people and trying to move it by yourself will only incur injury to your body and possible damage to the hot tub itself.

If you do not have people around to help you move the hot tub then you should hire laborers to help you move it, this may be through physical strength or the use of a truck. 

If you don’t want to use professional movers or laborers to help move your hot tub, then with the help of family or friends, you’ll need to acquire some wood, furniture dollies, and an appliance dolly to help efficiently and safely move your hot tub to its new location. 

Can you move a hot tub in a pickup truck?

Even if your pickup truck has the suspension and weight capacity to handle the weight of a hot tub, then it still isn’t recommended to use a pickup truck to transport your hot tub.

A pickup truck’s bed will be too narrow for the hot tub to sit horizontally so it will have to be up on its side during transport, even with the correct strapping this is still not secure enough as the weight of the hot tub will be too much for the strapping to handle.

Outdoor space with hot tub located inside

Therefore, when the pickup truck is in motion and going around bends, the hot tub has a high chance of toppling over the side of the truck and causing serious damage.

For this reason, using a pickup truck to transport is not recommended, especially for highways.

However, it is not prohibited so if you are seriously trying to avoid getting it professionally transported in a bigger truck then you’ll need to ensure that the hot tub is secure in the trunk of your truck, maybe using other padding or items to make sure the hot tub doesn’t move. 

You’ll also want to drive extremely slowly and take bends and turns with the utmost care. You’ll want to avoid freeways as the speed of the truck will need to be slow to ensure safety. 

Can you move a hot tub with a pallet jack?

Yes, professional movers often use pallet jacks to help move the hot tub to a mode of transport. You will need to use two pallet jacks to help move the hot tub to the truck, one will be used to pull the hot tub and the other is used to push the hot tub on your route.

Make sure your pallet jacks have the weight capacity to be able to handle the weight of your hot tub, most hot tubs can vary from 500lbs to 1,000lbs depending on the size of the hot tub, so making sure your jack pallet has a weight capacity of the hot tub as a minimum will enable you to have a smooth process. 

How do I rotate my hot tub?

If you’ve got people to help you then you could rotate your hot tub by yourself by hand. You’ll need to make sure that the hot tub is empty and is disconnected before you attempt to rotate it.

You should have a minimum of 4 people, at least one person for each side of the hot tub to help lift it off its surface and to gently and slowly rotate it round to where you want. 

On the other hand, you could always use pallet jacks to bear the weight of the hot tub as you rotate it.

Either way, you’ll need to ensure time and care are taken when lifting the hot tub and putting it back down into position to avoid damaging both the exterior and interior design. 

How do you move a 6 person hot tub?

If you’re moving house or looking to move your 6-person hot tub to a new position around your home, then the best way to move it would be by using two pallet jacks to hold and secure the weight of the hot tub and also using plywood as a pathway to help gently transport the hot tub to either the truck or its new position. 

Your hot tub will need to be drained, dried, and disconnected before you begin moving it to reduce the overall weight. Make sure you plan the route that you’ll be taking to move the hot tub so the process will be as easy as possible.

You’ll still need the assistance of at least three extra people to help move the hot tub onto any plywood you’re using as your path and also to load the hot tub onto the dollies.

How much does it cost to move a hot tub from one house to another?

Is moving a hot tub worth it?  Yes, it is when you finally get it set up and relaxing inside.

If you require a large crane to move your hot tub from one house to another via a truck, then it could cost you anything upwards of $400. Professionally hot tub moving services can start their costs from $350 depending on the size of your hot tub and the required labor to move it from one house to another.

If you’re moving your hot tub far away from the original location or even moving to a different state, then these costs will be much higher and will probably start around the $1,000 region.

Is it ok to transport a hot tub on its side?

Yes, hot tubs can be transported on their side but only when the proper equipment is used and planning has been done before transporting it.

You’ll need to make sure the hot tub is properly secured using heavy-duty strapping to keep it in place during transportation.

You’ll also need the help of other people to lift the hot tub onto its side for transportation.