How Can You Heat Up A Hot Tub Fast?

  • By: Adam
  • Date: June 5, 2022

If you have just purchased your first hot tub, the chances are that you are desperate to get in it straight away.

Unfortunately, the water in a hot tub can take a long time to heat up. It is never fun getting into a cold hot tub… it defeats the point of it being called a hot tub!

Thankfully we are here to help. In this article, we will be discussing the best ways to heat up your hot tub quickly and safely.

How Long Does It Take To Heat Up A Hot Tub?

How long a hot tub takes to heat up really depends on the size and make of your hot tub. The heating times are different for every brand and model.

It can take anywhere between three to nine hours to heat up fully. It is always best to consult your instruction manual to find the exact time for your hot tub.

Several different factors can alter how quickly the alter will heat up, such as:

  • Whether or not your hut tub is inside or outside
  • How big the hot tub is
  • The make and model of the hot tub
  • Whether you are using a cover or not
  • The temperature and weather if outside
  • If you are using a hut tub cover or not
  • If you have turned on the jets or not

On average, the water in the hot tub will increase slowly each hour and will take some time to heat up to the temperature you require.

Thankfully there are some ways in which you can heat up your hot tub to save you waiting a full day for it to reach the desired temperature.

How To Heat Up A Hot Tub Fast

There are many ways in which you can heat up a hot tub quicker.

While there is no guaranteed way to heat up a hot tub instantly, there are ways you can speed up the heating process a little so that it does not take quite as long.

Turning On The Jets

One of the quickest ways to heat up your hot tub is by turning on the jets. When the jets are activated, they will help to circulate the warmer water around the hot tub.

It encourages all of the water to mix and heat up at a steady pace instead of there being cold areas in the hot tub.

Good Quality Hot Tub Cover

Another way of encouraging your hot tub to warm up quicker is by using a good quality hot tub cover. A hot tub cover will retain the heat that is being produced instead of it escaping into the air. By covering the hot tub you stop the weather from affecting the water heating process.

If you have a cheap hot tub cover, it may not retain the heat as well as you would hope. If you purchase a thermal cover this will be even more useful.

Hot Tub Positioning

Where you place your hot tub can affect how quickly your hot tub will warm up. While it is not always possible to change the positioning of a hot tub, this tip would be useful if you are setting up your tub for the first time.

Ideally, you want to place your hot tub out of particularly breezy areas. If the hot tub is fully exposed, more heat will escape and the heater will have to work against the weather.

If your hot tub is covered or is in a more enclosed area it is likely to heat up quicker. You will likely notice that your hot tub will heat up quicker on a warmer day than a cold miserable one!

Why You Should Not Use Hot Water To Heat Up Your Hot Tub

You are probably reading this article and wondering why we have not included the easiest and most simple way of heating up a hot tub – by adding warm water to it.

While this may seem like a good option and it is possible, it is not the best way of heating up a hot tub. It can cause more damage than good. The water in a hot tub is designed to heat up slowly and at a steady pace.

If you add boiling water or significantly warmer water to the hot tub, it can damage the hot tub itself. As a hot tub is not designed to retain very warm water at a quick rate, you will likely damage the shell of the hot tub and also cause lasting damage that is expensive to fix.

In addition to this, hot tubs are only created to withstand a certain temperature. If you use a temperature that is too warm this can cause damage to the hot tub.

Given this, it is much easier to follow the steps we have mentioned above as they do not have the potential of breaking your expensive hot tub!


We hope this article has helped you to discover the best ways to heat up your hot tub fast. While there is no one sure-fire method that can heat up your hot tub instantly, the tips above will help the process.

Although it will still take a good few hours to warm the hot tub up to the perfect temperature, these tips will speed up your waiting time!Always remember that while it may seem tempting, it is not advised to use warm water to heat up your hot tub.

While it may be a quick option, the potential of it ruining your expensive tub is not worth the risk!We would highly recommend turning on the jets and protecting the hot tub from the elements as much as possible.

A good quality hot tub cover is essential and will help to trap the warm air in the tub.