Hot Tubs and Swims Spas at Boat, Home and Design Shows

When getting home and checking out on the internet the companies selling at various boat, home or design shows many visitors are now concerned to find that the show they had just attended may have created a monopoly for just one company selling hot tub and swimspas

Visitors to some of these shows may not have been aware that some of these shows have now come to a financial arrangement where just one company selling hot tubs and swimspas has a monopoly of the whole show, although they may be operating several stands at a show under different names to create the illusion of competition.

Naturally visitors expect when going to a consumer “show” they will see a wide choice of the latest products displayed by different companies in a competitive fair environment. This is in the public’s interest, and shows should have a duty to ensure this for their customers and that price fixing or cartel activity does not take place at their shows. Or if there is only one company at a show visitors should be informed of this as they may not want to pay to go to such a show.

At some shows paying visitors may possibly be “worked” between “competing “stands actually operated by the same company. Sales people could be in a position to make unchallenged claims and make up phoney show offers based on fictitious RRP pricing, as there is no true price comparison or competition around the show and everything may be fixed and scripted to mislead buyers. Show “deals” may not be what they claim and comparison made to sellers outside the show false as these are controlled by the company exhibiting at the show.

All this means visitors could actually pay many thousands of pounds more than they need to or in the case of swimspas ten thousand pounds more than they need to, just for a pretty basic unit.

Such situations could lead to sales people working in teams to manipulate possible buyers by tagging them and calling ahead to “competing” stands telling then what someone wants and how much they have to spend.

Many of these companies use “hired gun” commissioned sellers who get nothing unless they sell at the show, they lie about being full time employees of the company, and many will be selling another product for another company the following week, their skill is getting you to part with more money than you would have ever thought of at the show and pressure you into what they want to sell you, many shows ban Time Share sales, there could be a case for a ban on certain types of Hot Tub sales techniques at consumer shows.

Don’t be caught out at shows and never place an order without a 14 day cool off and fully refundable deposit.

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