Hot Tub Repair and Maintenance Cost

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Isn’t it wonderful to have a hot tub at your home? They are truly a wonderful addition to anyone’s personal space. You will always look forward to getting home because you have something there to take the stress away.  They are not only a great a way for you to relax, the hydrotherapy provided by the tub is also very helpful to ease a lot of bodily pains.

Hot tubs cost a lot of money and unfortunately, they are also not entirely without any problems. You can spend a lot of money from the general maintenance of the spa and also for repairs when a problem comes up. Here is a simple guide to give you a good idea of what the most common repairs of hot tubs are and how much that would cost.

Average Cost for a Hot Tub Repair

If you are a hot tub owner, you would want to know how much it would cost you to have it repaired by a professional so that you can get ready financially in case anything happens. Although it is hard to specifically know how much you have to spend, hot tub repairs usually fall within $1, 859 to $2, 668, but that could still change depending on the extent of the damage of your hot tub and whether the problem is with the pump, jets, the tub’s digital control or heat regulation.

You might also like to know how much a hot tub repair technician would charge you. For just the labor alone, technicians generally charge $75 to $100 per hour. If the damage of your hot tub would take half a day to finish, the complete cost for their service could cost you $300 to $400 and an additional cost for any necessary replacement parts.

How Much Hot Tub Maintenance Would Cost You

Keeping your spa regularly maintained is very important to make sure that your hot tub can be used anytime you want, all year round. The maintenance of the tub would include draining the hot tub, scrubbing the surface of the tub and shocking the water with chemicals. Although it sounds that the work done for maintaining the tub is just very easy and that you can just all by yourself do it to save money, it might be best to leave that work to the professionals to make sure that of the quality of the maintenance. An average cost for hot tub maintenance will cost you around $185.

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