Hot Tub Industry Trends: 4 Key Performance Indicators

With the US economy on the recession rebound, the hot tub market is in the process of recovering, but this will take time, according to experts. However, there are a few industry niche markets, that are seeing notable growth, which include water treatments, exercise swimming spas & pools, app inventions & integrations and technology advancements built into products, and an extremely out of the box product design.

2015 Hot Tub Industry News Update

Table of Contents: Top #4 KPIs
» Water Treatments
» Exercise Swimming Machines
» Apps and Technological Product Advancements
» Unique Product Design Approach
» Conclusion


Water Treatments

Recently, it was discovered and authenticated from Bob Lauter of Master Spas, that an increase in advanced water treatment systems and water treatment combinations. He notes, however, the majority of existing manufacturing companies are using various techniques and methods.

Some people use salt or minerals; we combine ozone and UV. There are different ways to go about it, but we’re all trying to make the spa as maintenance-free as possible.
– Robert Lauter (President & CEO, Master Spas)


The Power of Swim Spas

Manufacturing without the ability to offer swim spas, alongside hot tubs, can be a huge disadvantage for those who fall under this category. Although, those who can and do manufacturer swim spas plus hot tubs, are certainly seeing the benefits of this product offer combination.


Often, a customer will be drawn to the swim spa as a conversation starter, but then many dealers are able to transition that conversation toward a hot tub purchase.

– Jim Johnston (VP of Marketing, Marquis Spas)

Artesian Spas and Marquis Spas both made the addition of swimming spas to their product lines, in early 2015. They are among the few companies, that presently are making swim spas within the U.S.A. The brand new ATV-14 by Marquis Spas just hit the market, it is fabricated from layers of polymer resins. Like Marquis, Artesian Spas’ has just put out their own new swim spa model, the TitalFit PowerPlus. These swimming spas run on hydraulic propellers, that power the built-in swimming mechanism.


The New ATV-14 Swim Spas: Introductory Video


New Apps & Technological Features

Today, it’s easier than ever to stay up to date with all things related to your hot tub, spa, or pool.

How is this possible? Through, automated technological integrations built directly into swim spas and hot tubs. A great example of this, is  the new Michael Phelps Swim Spas product line, by Master Spas, that features an app called SwimNumber App, also known as SNAPP. Using SNAPP one can quickly and conveniently create customized workouts. This is a powerful app, with features that most would never dream existed, such as the ability to control the speed at which the water current runs.

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