Hot Tub Drink Holders That Are Worth Buying

  • By: Adam
  • Date: February 11, 2022
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So you adore your latest trendy hot tub. Your water is perfectly balanced and delightfully warm, yet something is lacking.

You can’t stick your thumb on it, but you’re confident something is missing from your hot tub session.

Relaxing in a hot tub is lovely, but it can be heaven with the right hot tub equipment.

Whether you choose your jacuzzi experience to be a relaxing retreat, a family night out, or a wild party.

A hot tub drink holder might be the perfect accessory for added enjoyment.

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The Best Drink Holders For Your Hot Tub

Purchasing cup holders or hydration floaters allow you to have a refreshing drink close while unwinding. Take care not to splash — you’ll have a foaming issue even before you realize it.

Mellygova Drink Holder with 8 Holes

This hot tub tray is safe, strong, and long-lasting PVC. It consists of water stably with high stability, and it is difficult to roll over, allowing food to be carried safely.

It is simple to fill with a pump, and it holds air rather well.

This holder, with eight slots, can not only hold beverages, fruits, and cakes to keep them cold and fresh, but it can also hold a mobile phone, Bluetooth speaker, and tablet.

This setting allows you to have cool drinks, fresh food, and fantastic entertainment while swimming.

Don’t bother with complicated setups! Our double-valve will make your life easier and ensure you’re ready in seconds! Before you close the valve, the drink holder will NOT collapse or leak any air.

After deflating and folding, this Floating Drinking Holder takes up very little space.

It is particularly convenient for storage and transport, even after inflating the handle on one side.

Whether you’re planning a pool party, a weekend beach retreat, or want to relax in the spa.

This drink holder is perfect for you! Its adaptability will give you an excuse to utilize it everywhere you go!

Lay-Z-Spa Drinks Holder

Nothing beats unwinding in a hot, bubble spa with a good, refreshing drink in your hand! 

With the Lay-Z-Spa® Drink Tray Spa Attachment, you can make that fantasy a fact.

This drink keeper and the gourmet plate are consistent with all hot tub designs, except Monaco and Helsinki. It easily attaches to the sidewall’s bottom and may be placed anywhere along the exterior.

Have your drinks and snacks close at hand while relaxing in your hot tub.

  • Dimensions: 19.3 cm x 36 cm x 19.3 cm (9.1 in. x 13.8 in. x 8.1 in.)
  • It includes two drink containers and a snack box.

The selection, pricing, and offers in-store may differ from those seen online. Before you go, please verify with your local retailer.

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Intex PureSpa Cup Holder

The PureSpa drink rack and refreshments plate is intended to fit snugly against the spa walls.

Keeps drinks and nibbles close at hand as you unwind.

The grips may be removed and folded up neatly for convenient storage for your comfort.

You may expand the brackets to support anything that the length of the Intex and somewhat thicker. 

We are not sure whether it fits all the shapes and sizes, but we’re using it on the Intex, and so far, it has been constructive.

It can hold two standard-sized beverage containers.


  • Measurements With Box (L 10.35 inch, W 9.10 inch, H 3.5 inch). 
  • Measurements Without Box (L 10.35 inch, W 9.10 inch, H 3.5 inch)(grips closed) Width 8.6 – inches, Length – 10.3 inches, Height – 7 inches.
  • Package Dimensions (grips fully extended) 10-1/4″ long x 8-5/8″ wide x 7″ high.

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GoFloats Hot Tub Drink Holders

Whenever there’s a swarm of Floatmingos cheerfully bobbing around in the pool, you realize you’re handling summertime properly. 

It’s even better when they’re drifting together with your favorite drinks!

This holder is ideal for use with any inflatable beach bathtub. As is customary, there will be some negative remarks regarding this cup holder not matching what you expected.

We would suggest that you ignore these comments since you will see that those people did not correctly read the description or look at the product photograph.

However, we have corroborated what one reviewer said: “the cup holder space is enough for cans and bottles but not much else.”

The platform area is ideal for using rock glasses or champagne bottles. After this, we have tried putting more giant glasses inside there.

It did fit after a lot of struggle but didn’t touch the base.

The basic conclusion is that if you have an inflatable hot tub, this cup holder will most likely be a suitable purchase.

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Sodair Inflatable Floating Drink Holder

The watertight cellphone cases in this holder have an IP68 water resistance rating and are even waterproof when submerged.

You can put anything at all in the cup holders, including phones, wine glasses, loudspeakers, and food, and it will not flip!

The material chosen is long-lasting and pleasant to the feel. Designed for intense use, these will not tear or easily break.

Sodair promises to safeguard the interest of its clients and implement an inflationary test to ensure a positive experience.

For some reason, if you are unhappy with your Sodair floating drink holder, the firm offers a 30-day free replacement or cash returned guarantee with no questions asked.

If you do have any concerns, you may contact them via their official accounts at any moment.


Hot tub beverage holders are fantastic and enable you to spend more time in the water with your near and dear ones.

After thorough research, this article has discussed the most highly-rated products and all their specifications. 

Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but in conclusion, your drink, cellphone, and nibbles will appreciate you, as will your hot tub.

We hope you found this article on hot tub beverage holders informative.

But, most importantly, do not forget to go through this article before purchasing a drink holder for your hot tub to make your purchasing experience a breeze.