Home Renovation Projects to Amaze Your Loved One

Home Renovation Projects to Amaze Your Loved One

Home renovation is time-consuming and expensive. This opinion, that is, by the way, prevailing in society, often stops us from acting, forcing us to save money for years. But what if you need to repair and renovate something immediately to make your loved one a pleasant surprise? For example, one day, your patience is gone, and you no longer can endure shattered walls. Or you have to live in a rented apartment which was not treated the best way by your predecessors. So, when your beloved went on a mission or to visit relatives for a few days, you decide to take the initiative. How to “freshen up” the house quickly and without saying a farewell goodbye to your family budget?

Wall renovation

Inexpensive repairs are the easiest to do in the rooms and the hallway: there are no engineering systems and plumbing. If the walls are uneven, you have to buy a putty and primer. Because, most likely, if you do not prepare your walls the right way before renovating them, the finish will not be particularly long-lasting, and you won’t be able to hide the hollows and cracks.

Of course, traditional pulp wallpapers are less luxurious and practical than vinyl or textile ones, but they can look very decent, and even if you decorate them with contrasting inserts, borders, and another decor, they can even become somewhat stylish. It will be difficult to believe they costed you so cheap.

By the way, if you really need to save money, use materials that are easy and quick to install and make your beloved a surprise renovation, you don’t need to buy branded wallpaper glue: a regular flour paste made out of wheat flour or starch will do a great job. But preparing this mixture requires great skills. If you didn’t deal with it earlier, it is still better to buy ready-made glue.

Covering your old wallpapers or walls with paint is another simple option. The blue paint, which is resembling a modern variant of whitewash, is the most simple option. It can do if it is necessary to refresh the walls in a rented apartment: glue paint does the clean and neat job, and it will serve you until you move out of the apartment for sure. A budget-friendly easy option for a quick renovation. Water emulsion and acrylic paints are also easy to use and not very expensive. Moreover, their consumption is small if the walls are prepared (primed), and a sprayer is used instead of a brush. So, you don’t even have to hire a professional: you can paint the walls yourself just in one day, not leaving brush strokes. For wet rooms, enamel or oil paints are more suitable. Who knows, one day you meet one of those single girls online, and then you are already doing a surprise renovation at your home.

If you have to renovate your own apartment, you can buy wall panels. Of course, not wood or cork ones because these options are often custom-built, and you won’t be able to fit into a few days. You can use plastic ones instead: there are even many sites that sell them online; the shipping will take a few days and installation just a few hours. But modern plastic is a real chameleon, as such panels are successfully imitating various expensive materials.

Renovate the flooring

Renovating the floor surface is also quite simple. If there is a need to replace the worn-out flooring with new, linoleum is what will come in handy. It has always been and still remains one of the most inexpensive materials. Of course, there are luxurious types of this coating, like natural, raw materials, with a warm substrate which look like they have nothing in common with regular linoleum. The cost of such flooring is impressive. Regarding of what material you decide you use, renovating the floor by covering it with linoleum is easy and quick.

In general, linoleum has many advantages. For example, it can be laid in almost all rooms, even in the kitchen and the bathroom, and it’s very easy to clean. By the way, not many people know that the appearance of shabby linoleum can be restored by painting it with acrylic or oil paint.

Ceiling: cheap but beautiful

The easiest way to renovate the ceiling is, what a surprise, to paint it. You can always do it yourself just in one day, and the ceiling will look pearl white and as clean as a new pin. The option of covering the ceiling with wallpaper is also not bad, although it is somewhat more expensive, and these materials are more difficult to work with.

If you can afford a little more, pay attention to the decorative panels for the ceilings. However, such renovation works will require a little bit more time and the help of other people.

As you can see, there are many options out there for the quick renovation of your apartment. Doing these small repairing works yourself not only you save up money but learn new skills, gain new experience, and put your heart and soul into every brushstroke.

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