Best Home Gardening Tips For Garden Tool Maintenance

Home gardening would be a whole lot tougher without all the right tools or gardening equipment that make gardening a great hobby.

For example the fact a friend came over with their garden tiller and in just a half-hour saved me a week of working at turning the soil with my shovel and garden fork before planting.

It sure helps to have the right tools for the task at hand but I still enjoy saving money and having fresh healthy vegetables. Next year we are going to rent a garden tiller as early in the season as we can so that I can plant a little earlier.

Newbie or Seasoned The Right Tool Helps

It doesn’t really matter so much whether you’re a beginner or an expert gardener, having the right gardening tools can help you make the job easier and ultimately help you reap the full benefits of your investment of time and money.

I remember my dad giving me the job of cleaning the garden tools before they were put away each day and at the end of the season I was given a bucket of old oil and a wire brush to clean them for the winter, so they wouldn’t rust over the winter.

Maintaining our garden tools means they will last years longer and just another way to save money with home gardening.

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Buy Quality Tools That Will Last

garden rakeInvesting in high-quality garden tools will bring you and your garden a multitude of benefits that you will never find in poorly constructed equipment.

When you purchase gardening tools such as shovels, spades, rakes, hoes, and trowels, take the time to check the handles so you know they are sturdy enough to handle the task they were made for.

We bought a hoe to help weed the vegetable garden and to pull up dirt into the veggie rows. We didn’t need it the first year as my vegetable garden was only 4×4 and with square foot gardening, we didn’t see many weeds. However the next year we used it and found the hoe head would spin and we useless but too late to return it. Never thought of checking the head, we just made sure the handle was sturdy.

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Keep Your Cutting Tools Sharp

We found a lot of garden tools left in the garden shed when we bought our home and I soon realized why they left them. They had not taken care of them so they were all rusted and not a single tool had a sharp edge left.

Actually the round mouth shovels were the only salvageable tools and the rest we had to purchase new.

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How To Care For Your Garden Tools

garden wheelbarrow-2Whether you are a newbie or seasoned gardener your gardening tasks will be easier if you know how to take proper care of your work tools so below are a few home gardening tips for tool care.

My dad would sit me down, give me a wire brush and a bucket of motor oil and have me clean every speck of dirt that might cause them to rust. I didn’t really understand back then and thought it was more a way to keep me out of mischief, today I understand tools aren’t cheap.

  1. Immediately clean your tools after use by brushing off the soil, sand, grass, and other kinds of dirt on your digging equipment. For most tools, a rag or a whisk broom can effectively do the job. Like I said my dad would give me a wire brush and set me to work cleaning our garden tools.
  2. Keep your wooden-made tools in perfect condition by sanding them regularly and applying linseed oil or mineral oil to wooden handles.
  3. Rubbing linseed oil or mineral oil to metal equipment ensures smooth operation, retard the formation of rust and keeps any movable parts working properly. Back in the 60s when I was helping with the gardening we would stick shovels, rakes, and hoes in a bucket of motor oil over the winter. Probably wouldn’t do that today.
  4. Prevent the formation of rust by using products that provide a protective covering on your tools. You can use convenient aerosols such as Boeshield T-9 or any similar products.
  5. For tools already suffering from rust, you can use rust-removing products such as Evapo-rust. Non-toxic, non-polluting, and organic rust-removing are preferred.
  6. Be sure to sharpen blades of saws, pruners, shovels, hoes, loppers, weeders, and other cutting equipment regularly. Diamond files are easier to use than whetstones. When sharpening your tools, be sure to push the diamond file in one direction until the edges become shiny. Applying a small amount of grease will protect the tool against corrosion.
  7. Gardening equipment and supplies that come in contact with plant sap (such as shears and secateurs) can transmit fungi and viruses to other plants. To avoid this, clean and sterilize such tools between plants and trees. You can use alcohol, bleach, and household cleaners to disinfect your tools. (I never knew this until today.)
  8. Mechanical tools such as chain saws and hedge trimmers must be cleaned regularly with kerosene or petrol and coated with oil before storage.
  9. Electric or battery-powered tools must undergo regular tune-ups and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instruction.
  10. Clean or replace the air filter of your lawnmower once or twice a year. Replace paper filters when they are dirty.
  11. Allow your gardening supplies to dry completely prior to storage to prevent rusting.
  12. Store your tools properly using hangars, garden tools organizers, tool racks, tool carts, or any other storage materials specially designed to protect your valuable gardening equipment. Try to be organized. Don’t just throw all your gardening equipment into your garage. Take time to arrange them for your safety and the safety of your family.

organize your garden toolsIt is not surprising to see rusted gardening tools and equipment in the corners of a garden. Tools and equipment used in home gardening are among the most neglected items in a household. Even the most expensive, first-rate tools will soon become useless if not properly and adequately maintained.

Next time you walk past a landscaper’s truck or trailer take a peek and see the condition of their tools because most serious gardeners know the value of tool care. Their tools will last years longer than those who don’t maintain them properly and that’s money in the bank.

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