Home Design Trends in Florida

Moving to a new home or completely redoing your old one is one of the most exhilarating experiences we can think of. And there’s plenty of reason for that; obviously, after living in the same space for a while, all of us get the feeling that something should be changed. That’s why remodeling your home completely is such a thrill. You get to peruse the latest home design trends in Florida, pick out your themes and furniture; it’s joy all around!

But on the other hand, such a big project can feel overwhelming, especially with such an abundance of details to think about. That’s why we’ve prepared some guidelines on the latest trends for interior decorating in Florida!

Natural Elements

Once you hire a company like Moving Kings Van Lines FL to relocate you to a new home, the first thing you’ll obviously do is remodel it. And while having a blank canvas on which you can imprint your personality is fun; it can also be quite time-consuming. Plus, no matter how original you are; you definitely want to stay in line with some of the latest home design trends in Florida. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at one of the biggest overarching themes in 2019: and that’s the incorporation of organic elements.

These days, more and more people live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Meaning that organic elements are seeping into the mainstream, in all areas of life; including home design. Even people who aren’t particularly in tune with nature have noticed that greenery and natural stones are becoming more and more present part of interior decorations. Not only does this make any interior space look more in tune with nature; but you can also bring in outdoor elements into the interior without it seeming jarring.

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When it comes to home design trends in Florida, it’s important that you consider all of the various details while you remodel your home. For example, it’s not just about the colors and furniture elements you’ll use when redecorating. You have to truly get into the nitty-gritty of it, and think about the various materials you’ll be incorporating as well. And among all the various available materials, we can tell you right away; make sure you use some terrazzo, as it’s making a big splash on the home design scene.

This material consists of granite or marble chips in a concrete base that’s extremely polished. You’ll find it comes in different shades and colors. And while you may have been used to finding this material in flooring; these days it’s a much bigger part of many interiors. People use them in kitchen countertops, shower walls, and even for a sturdy coffee table.

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Floral Patterns

Seeing as you’re looking for home design trends in Florida, you’ll want to be in touch with what’s particularly popular in the Sunshine State. Sure, some interior design trends are the same nationwide. But you’ll find that others are more state-specific, once you decide to seek your fortune in Orlando or Miami. So, what are some of the telltale signs of a Florida interior?

For one, it’s floral patterns. These are another creative way to invite a natural atmosphere into your home interior. And not only that, but they also provide a stark contrast to minimalist, metallic interiors that have become so fashionable in the past decade. Instead, floral patterns in Florida homes provide occupants with an air of youth and freshness. And you can find them absolutely everywhere. If you want to just sprinkle a dash of floral onto an otherwise decorated interior, you can use floral chairs and bedding. Otherwise, if you truly want to go all the way – use floral wallpapers on your walls.

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Geometric patterns

Next up, we’ve got one of the home design trends in Florida which goes against floral patterns – and that’s geometric shapes. You can use these on throw pillows, or if you’re more into it, on your walls. These represent a pretty bold design statement in any room.

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Curvy Furniture

Curvy designs were all the rage in the 1970s. However, just like everything else from decades-long gone – this too is making a comeback. You’ll find everything from large couches to tiny chairs in curvy shapes. This has the double effect of simultaneously making any interior look chic and trendy, but also warmer and more intimate.

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Art Deco

If you’re a fan of something more glamorous, there’s nothing better than an art deco design style. This is all about using the most varied colors, textures and shapes you can find. In fact, you can also mix different metals to completely give off a different vibe compared to your neighbors.

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Statement Ceilings

Let’s face it – having only a single color in your room can be pretty boring. That’s why you may want to think about having a statement ceiling. Sure, you could always paint one wall a different color instead; but going in a different direction with the ceiling gives your room a pop of color, without it seeming jarring and unharmonious.

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Mixing Old and New

In 2019, new items aren’t just replacing old styles; in fact, they’re starting to appear in complementary setpieces. The vintage elements provide some personality and heart to modern designs that may otherwise appear cold and unwelcoming.

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