h2x Swim Spa Review

Staying healthy is important for everyone.

This is one aspect that needs to be considered in order to maintain the right lifestyle.

Hence, most people take working out quite seriously.

Swimming is one of the best work outs to stay healthy.

However, it is quite difficult to go to a nearby swimming pool to work out or even relax. At times such as these, it is quite beneficial to have a swimming pool of your own at your home.

In fact, having a swimming pool at home will also let you spend some great family time together. The h2x Swim Spa is ideal for home use. Here is a quick review of the product.


The h2x swim spa is a swimming tub that comes with a spa facility.

The general size of this swim spa is about 16’9”. Some of the newly launched models of this swim spa come in size 20.

They are manufactured with a patented technology which is not available in other swim spas.

It has an energy sufficient industrial motor that consumes less power when compared to other swim spas. It comes in four different models. These models vary in length, size and price.

The prices of these models are in the range of $20,000 to $40,000. The tub has two ends of water streaming in. One end of the jet stream can be used for creating turbulence while swimming. The other end can be used for a spa purpose.

The tub gives you the feeling of swimming in a pool. It has temperature setting, LED lights and a stereo system to add to the overall experience. The h2x swim spa tub is delivered as a unit which needs plumbing and electrical connections.


The h2x swim spa can be easily installed and used at any time of the year.

However, these swim spas are mainly designed for swimmers who are at the beginning stage.

Advanced swimmers can also practice their strokes in this swim spa.

The water jets provide a perfect environment while swimming in the tub.


Swimming is the best cardiovascular exercise.

The h2x swim spa tub gives the ultimate experience of swimming while helping you work out.

Additional workouts like cycling and thread mill running can also be done in this tub.

Experts agree that the aquatic exercises are more powerful than the workouts done in a gym.

The temperature adjustment and buoyancy of water are perfect for doing your workouts.

With the jet stream water you can practice resistance training.

A stainless steel hand at the end of the tub helps you in your exercises.


The h2x swim spa tub provides you relief from all the pains your body might experience.

The spa can be utilized in two modes. One is while swimming and the other is while sitting.

You can also get the spa as a separate unit in some of the models of this swim spa.

The powerful pumps of the spa help you in adjusting the jet stream.

You can let your body experience the gentle flow of water or muscle-kneading force.

An X pattern of jet provides full coverage of your back, and the additional jets focus on thighs, hips, calves and wrists.

A complete therapy is provided to your lower back at the other end of the tub. Here you can have a soothing massage with the gentle flow of water.

Fun with family

The h2x swim spa can be installed in the back yard of your house. The spa is perfect for great family fun time.

The added LED lights and stereo system only enhance the wholesome entertainment. It becomes a fun center for you, your family and friends.

Maintenance cost

The h2x swim spa is virtually maintenance free.

It comes with an authenticated wood grain pattern.

This gives it a rich look.

You can easily clean the swim spa with a cloth or wash it with a garden hose and then wipe it clean.

The unique Corona Discharge Ozone generator that comes with the tub removes bacteria and any metals from the tub easily.

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