How To Build Hot Tub Stairs

How To Build Hot Tub Stairs

First-time hot tub buyers often get a bit carried away. They buy the spa itself, the chemicals, the cover. They get it all set up and are about to hop in when they realize… No stairs. Damn. Most above ground hot tubs need stairs. Unless you have Stretch Armstrong legs, you will not be able to … Read more

Best Way to Get Rid of Bacteria in Your Hot Tub


Table Of Contents 1The Power of Chlorine2Types of Chlorine3The Power of Bromine We are fond of using our hot tubs after a long day of working. It gives us relaxation after work. We soak in our own hot tub for about an hour, but we don’t realize that bacteria is building up and still we kept … Read more

Tips for Using Your Pool During the Winter Months

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Tips for Using Your Pool During the Winter Months” style=”1″][contents h2][/wpsm_titlebox] Having a pool in your backyard is great; you can swim laps, float around to relax, or use it as a venue for social events. However, many pool owners feel they don’t get to maximize their investment because they have to close their … Read more

What is the best hot tub for your backyard garden?

backyard garden hot tub

[wpsm_titlebox title=”What is the best hot tub for your backyard garden?” style=”1″][contents h2][/wpsm_titlebox] Getting a hot tub for your backyard garden might not be something that you really thought about. However, it is an upcoming trend that you should consider and watch out for. You can find hot tubs in the newest modern catalogues. Also, … Read more