Growing More Herbs Indoors

Shhhh our vegetable garden is hibernating again and doesn’t want to be awakened for about six months or so.

For me this means six months of boredom as the joy of fishing is over until the middle of April. The last few years have left me with a bad case of cabin fever. Felt like I was in prison, even though none of the doors were locked.

The few house plants we have take no time to water and is only needed every week or two. That’s not going to keep me too busy.

Let’s Try Growing Vegetables Indoors

A few years ago I began growing herb in our kitchen windows and now enjoy walking from the counter to the window to cut a few herbs to go with dinner, all year long. It has been a great way to recycle most of the milk containers I go through for my coffee. Sure beats sending them to our local landfill.

started an herb garden in milk cartons

mini greenhouseWe have narrow windows so window space is at a premium when it comes to places we can get enough sunlight to grow anything indoors. One of those windows is upstairs while the other two are in the kitchen.

The windowsills are fine for growing herbs and the milk cartons fit perfectly but that leaves us with no extra space to grow other vegetables.

Well last spring we bought a mini greenhouse so I could start our garden seeds indoors. That was a new level of gardening for us and it worked out great. Now I have the mini greenhouse to grow my indoor vegetable garden.

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Mini Greenhouse Indoor Vegetable Garden

The mini greenhouse we bought is 2 feet by 3 feet by 6 feet tall with four roomy shelves. Because the unit sits on the floor the bottom two shelves won’t get any sunlight. To remedy this situation I have put two wooden orange crates under it to lift it so I can use the third rack as well.

By the way the money we saved by NOT buying starter plants and starting from seeds saved us enough money to easily pay for our mini greenhouse.

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Shallow Root Veggies Are A Good Place To Start

I plan to use smaller pots or container so we can grow more veggies so we are going with vegetables that have shallow root systems. I would like to start with some radishes, peas, lettuce, and cucumbers.

For the second kitchen window I am going to grow smaller varieties of tomatoes like the Tiny Tim’s we had in the garden this year. I will also start some hot peppers as we really enjoyed growing them for the first time this year. I grew enough to dry them for winter use but I still like fresh hot peppers.

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I Learned I Need A Few More Things First

I do a lot of learning by watching Youtube videos and today was no different. I watched a couple where the guy had put aluminum foil around three sides of his mini greenhouse to reflex more sunlight. I hadn’t even thought about that.

He also used a couple of energy efficient fluorescent lights to give his veggies that extra hours of sunlight they don’t get in the winter. They are low energy bulbs as well, just what we need.

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