Growing Cucumbers In A Better Location

We grew cucumbers last year for the first time but didn’t get a lot cucumbers. I can only blame myself because I planted them where the other things I planted, namely winter squash, towered over them and blocked their sunlight.

It was a new garden plot I had started last spring. I started it and put a shrub right in the middle. I wasn’t sure what flowers I wanted at the time so I decided to plants some vegetable, cucumber and squash to cover the plot and help keep weeds down for the summer. I would figure out what perennials I want later.

It worked as I hardly saw a weed all summer. We got a few squash but they crowded out the cucumbers, so I won’t be planted them there this year. Wherever I decide to plant them this year it will be at that base of a trellis and where they will get direct sunlight.

Vertical Gardening: Growing Cucumbers On A Trellis

I have decided to start cucumbers in a couple of different ways. One is to buy one or two of the big storage tubs I see when Jenny and I are out shopping. They are big enough that I can put a trellis right in the tub as I fill it with compost and manure. Then I can train the cucumbers to climb the trellis.

This way I can put the tubs anywhere I’d like so they get as much direct sunlight as they want.

We also have a long wooden trellis on the south side of our garage which runs the entire length of the garage. Currently I have Columbines and Clematis growing there but there is always room for a couple more climbers so I am planting cucumbers in the empty spots this year.

I think this particular trellis is over 7 feet tall so our cucumbers should do well without crowding my Clematis vine and will get all the sunshine they need to produce healthy fruit.

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Planting Cucumbers

I would say that cucumbers are about the easiest veggie to plant from seed. Nothing special here just give them fairly good soil and plant the seeds about an inch deep, cover them and give them a good watering.

Last year I started our vegetable garden seed indoors and will do the same this year but I would also like to plant some from seed after the threat of frost has passed. Then I will see how much better the ones I start inside are compared to the others. Maybe there will be no difference and I will start to plant them outdoors every year. I will then have the room to start other veggie seeds indoors.

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