Growing Citrus Trees


I live in New Brunswick Canada where we are NOT exactly known for our citrus fruits, just a little too chilly for them to survive here. I have however seen them growing in people’s homes from time to time and wanted to try growing a couple myself.

I decided to give growing an orange tree or two from seed and started a couple last fall. I have tried this in the past but it took so long I lost interest and never saw a single seed germinate.

This time I thought I would just stuck a couple of citrus seeds in the soil of our existing house plants. I figured this way I wouldn’t forget to water them. Then I just continued watering my house plants as I normally do and a few months later I saw my first orange tree growing. So exciting.

As you can see in the image on the right that I have two baby orange trees about 4 or 5 inches tall growing. I transplanted them to milk cartons I recycled as starter pots and put them in our south facing kitchen window along with my little herb garden.

Now they just have to survive a couple more months and I will be able to move them outdoors for the summer. I will bring them back in next fall before any threat of frost. At that time they will become an indoor plant. I might move them out to the patio each summer but that means I would have to build a patio. I think I’ll stick with home gardening instead of construction.

Peeling The Orange or Citrus Seeds

I am happy my orange seeds germinated but they took months. I watched a few videos to see if there is a better and faster way to germinate citrus seeds and learned it’s better to either soak them over night, dry them off thoroughly and plant them in soil.

I also learned that after soaking them for a while you can peel away the outer casing which is pretty much waterproof to help them germinate much faster.

This is my next experiment but I first have to wait until we buy more oranges. I am also going to buy a lemon and try growing a lemon tree. See you next time.

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