Gardens, Borders And Edges


The plan for the day was to go musky fishing with Casey and I’ve never fished for musky before so I was excited. Then Casey saw the forecast for today and through next week.

He called me and asked if I would prefer to go when it was minus 10C with a of only 3C or would I prefer to wait until Monday when it’s suppose to be more like 13C.

Ha, not a hard choice considering how I freeze up in cold weather due to the meds I take to keep my ticker ticking like it should. So Monday it is.

I was glad I chose Monday as it was minus 10C this morning when I took Honey out to do her business. That’s about 18F I think. She has short hair, just like me, and believe me she didn’t take much time doing her business before barked to get back in the house.

Taking Time To Tidy The Garden Beds

So my mind has turned from a day of fishing to maybe going out with my garden spade and trim the edges of our gardens where the grass grew back in.

Even though it’s turning cold the ground isn’t frozen yet so once it warms up a bit I think it will be a great day for edging borders.

We are still building our gardens but once they are the size and shape we want I plan to put a nice border around them. For the flower gardens I would like to have a brick or paver border as they look easy to maintain.

For the vegetable garden, which will eventually be 10×20 feet, I want a rail fence with a nice wide arbour as an entrance way to the garden.

I think the arbour will look great with vines growing over it. It will make a great spot to put the garden bench Judy and Jean gave us or maybe even the bench swing that’s sitting in the garage waiting for me to build a patio for it. For now it’s just me and my garden spade.

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