For Professionals: Tips for the Perfect Bathroom Job

Bathrooms are famously one of the most difficult parts of a house to remodel. Although their compact nature may make them look like a piece of cake, don’t be fooled! The intricacy of plumbing lines behind the scenes often presents its own slew of problems. Add inexperienced and stressed-out clients to the mix, and you can run into issues that go way beyond leaky pipes.

Building a good relationship with clients is essential. Read on to discover professionals’ tips to manage expectations and avoid common pitfalls that come with the job. The perfect bathroom job is no longer just a pipe dream!

Wait Before You Quote

Don’t even give an estimate until you’ve gone to the site and thoroughly checked it out. If you don’t, you’re leaving yourself open to discovering new issues only after you start work on the project. You’ll have to have more (very awkward) conversations with your client about extra charges for these new developments.

This will leave them feeling cheated, as you weren’t upfront on pricing from the very beginning. Avoid giving even a ballpark estimate until you know the job inside and out—otherwise, you’ll soon be in the wrong type of hot water.

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Make Sure Your Client is Prepared

Before you start on the job, check with your client to make sure they’re all set with everything that they need for you to work.

This mainly refers to fixtures. As an example, imagine that they don’t have the exact dimensions for, say, a new tub you’re installing when you begin work. You might have to remove the door frame if it ends up being bigger than expected after it arrives. Or, the plumbing lines may have to be moved to a slightly different location. These are extra cost and time considerations that can create an unhappy client later.

Don’t leave yourself open to these issues—make sure you communicate with the client about every last detail. You want everything they envision to be set in stone before moving forward.

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Suggest Eco-Friendly Options

We all know that things aren’t looking too good for Mother Earth right now. Besides curtailing our use of fossil fuels, we also need to conserve important resources like water.

As more and more people commit themselves to “going green,” the number of water-saving products has expanded dramatically. Make sure you tell your client about eco-friendly options for fixtures. Low-flow showerheads and sink faucets use less water by increasing the pressure. Additionally, eco-friendly toilets cut down on the water wasted per flush. Other options, such as dual-flush toilets, allow users to choose the amount of water they flush based on the bowl’s contents.

Switching to environmentally-friendly fixtures also allows clients to save a lot on utility bills. Less water wasted means a happier client and a happier planet! They’ll be thanking you way down the line as their savings stack up. By suggesting eco-friendly options, you and your client will be going green in more than one way.

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Manage Your Team Effectively

As you know, in the plumbing business, things can get complicated fast. You have to keep track of customers’ orders— all of their personal information, estimates, invoices, and more. On top of that, you need to set your employees up for success, organizing effectively so that all of your customers receive speedy service. And on top of that, you must manage finances effectively, from charging for orders to paying your team.

It’s a nightmare trying to keep track of it all. Any plain old business owner can tell you that.

A smart business owner, on the other hand, would disagree. As our world becomes more and more digitized, powerful tools are coming into play to handle frustrating situations like these. Using an app allows you to go paperless and streamline all of the frustrating odds and ends of paperwork that go with the job. You’ll save loads of time in the long run! Consider switching from paper to digital—you’ll wonder how you ever went without it before.

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Putting it all Together

Because bathrooms are so intricate, it’s critical to communicate with your client every step of the way.

Inspect before you estimate—it’ll save you a huge amount of hassle in the long run. Also, make sure you and your client are on the same page about fixtures and replacements so that “hidden costs” don’t appear halfway through the job.

Make sure to manage your team and your costs effectively at the click of a button with a powerful app. It’s more convenient, practical, and lets you spend more time on what matters most for your business.

Finally, go the extra mile by suggesting eco-friendly alternatives to fixtures. Your clients will appreciate that you didn’t (literally) let them pour money down the drain.

Put these tips into practice, and you’ll discover why so many plumber swear by them. They might just be the greatest thing since indoor plumbing!

Marie Erhart is a Success Manager at FieldPulse, creators of field service software that lets you run your entire contracting business from a single app. She works with contractors to help them grow their business using best practices.

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