Flowers Create a Magical Appeal in Home Decor

Flowers create a magical appeal in home decor provided you take proper care to keep it fresh

The aesthetics of home interiors acquire a unique dimension when you place a bunch of flowers at someplace in any room.  It is incredible how flowers add beauty and elegance to homes as the décor looks more dignified and inspiring.  Besides the visual appeal, the enchanting fragrance of some flowers that float across the house fills the mind with a sense of goodness that lingers for hours and adds more pleasure to happy living.

People use flowers for all occasions to express varied emotions and convey their feelings to others. You will find people gifting flower bouquets to celebrate and commemorate many kinds of events from weddings to birthdays and farewells to anniversaries and even when expressing thanks. Flowers convey various types of feelings – the feeling of gratitude and love as well as expressing condolences for grieving families. The use of flowers to express varied emotions and feelings prevail across various cultures across the world.

The trend of gifting floral ensembles to the loved ones exists in almost all cultures across the world. No matter in which part of the world you are located, it is easy to send across a bouquet of flowers to your loved ones. Receiving the bunch of flowers will delight the recipient who can even sense the emotions that the flowers carry with it. Flowers help to spread happiness and companies that contribute to sending flowers across the USA  take complete responsibility to send the chosen bunch of flowers with enough care and compassion so that bit reaches on time. You can send flowers online accompanied by your warm wishes to your closest ones no matter what the occasion is.  Those who live abroad can surprise their loved ones as they can arrange to send flowers USA online.

How long will flowers remain fresh?

The biggest concern for homeowners who rely on flowers for home decoration is to keep flowers fresh in the summertime. Even if it is possible to work out ways for retaining the freshness of flowers when summer is in full swing, the task becomes quite tricky when the heat wanes out as the summer season make an exit. The lingering heat can still be bad for flowers, and people who want to keep flowers fresh would understand that they need to care for the flowers just in the same way that they had been doing during peak summer. Those who are sick of the weather and have to throw away floral arrangements frequently because it succumbs to the harsh weather can learn a few tricks of preserving the freshness of flowers in heated conditions. How to keep bouquets alive longer is what you can learn from the tips given below.

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Find a cool place for keeping flowers

The freshness of flowers inside homes depends on how cool the place is.  Flowers remain fresh for many days in air-conditioned rooms, and its lively looks make everyone happy. It is not that there will not be any drooping leaves, but only a few that will not spoil the appearance. In the absence of air conditioning, use a fan that blows gentle breeze towards the flowers, and it is good enough to keep the flowers fresh. Remember, that any arrangement that cuts off the scorching heat is helpful for flowers to stay fresh and it is not always necessary to keep it in air-conditioned places. No matter what kind of cooling arrangement you might have for indoors, make sure to keep flowers away from direct sunlight that can cause the bouquets to dry out quickly. Some amount of natural light is good enough to keep flowers fresh.

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Refresh the water in vases

Flowers thrive on the supply of water, and you must ensure that the jars in which you place the bouquets never run dry.  Never make the mistake of filling the vases with water once when bringing the flowers home for the first time and then presume that it will last forever. You can top up the water one or two times, but make it a habit to replace it frequently so that there is fresh water in the vases always. The freshness of water is paramount to keep the flowers fresh. Changing the water twice a week is the standard practice.  Not changing water will turn it smelly and this smell will prevail over the pleasant floral aroma and pollute the indoor environment.

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Spray them with water

As long as the flowers remain moist, it will also retain its fresh looks. While the water in the vase is useful for maintaining the moisture level, an easier way is to spray the buds with water that will keep your flowers smelling and looking fresh throughout the summer. Just after a week of bringing the flowers home and placing it in a vase with clean water, make sure that you spray it lightly with water, and you will be surprised to see how it looks as if garden fresh. This tip should come in handy especially when you are expecting guests at home who will be happily surprised to see how fresh the flowers are and appreciate how much you care for it.

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Non-traditional ways to keep flowers fresh

Even a child knows how important water is for flowers in keeping it fresh and lively, but it is not the only lifeline. Some unconventional methods are also available that help to maintain the freshness of flower bouquets at home.  These methods consist of spraying some other liquids like vodka, pennies, and bleach on flowers inside homes that extends its life and freshness for some more days. When you keep flowers moist by using water or some other liquid as mentioned here, it delays the formation of bacteria that shorten the life of flowers and imparts fresh looks that last for some time. No matter how hot it might be, the flowers can defy the temperature with your care.

The choice of flowers and its colors have a direct link to your style and taste and with the guidance of floral experts; you can make your home décor look stunning around the year.

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