Flower And Vegetable Seeds Indoors


First things first. What seeds do I need to start indoors and which are fine to start outside in the garden? For this I go through each seed pack and check the back to see the germination time as well as how long this particular plant will take to mature.

Once I know what conditions each plant I wish to grow require I put the packs onto two separate piles, one for those I need to start indoors and the those that can wait until conditions are right to start them in our home garden.

The instructions on the back of seed packs should be helpful. If you follow them.

I have listed a few books that will help you get started.

It’s good to have a seed starting guide, especially when you’re a gardening newbie like we were just a few years ago. I should have bought one back then and maybe I wouldn’t have planted things so late the first couple of seasons.

My first big mistake was of course starting the garden seeds too late and to make it worse I was using the wrong mix of soil, compost and peat moss. The soil became too hard for most of the seeds I started indoors to poke through the soil.

This year I bought seed starting soil which made a huge difference. I was amazed at how fast my indoor herb garden started and how healthy the herbs are compared to how they looked when I started another indoor herb garden earlier, last fall.

Next year I will make my own soil mix and see if I can make it less expensive by buying bigger bags. I am even thinking of going with a soilless mix made up of peat, perlite and vermiculite. The perlite helps with the drainage while the vermiculite helps to hold water longer. A bonus is that these mixes are usually free of disease, insects and those pain in the behind weed seeds.

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