Fall Has Leaves Falling All Over Our Backyard


I have been getting things ready for winters around our property and have been seeing leaves falling from trees over the past week but this morning I looked out and could see leaves dropping by the bucket load. Maybe minus 6 Celsius is the magic number for knocking leaves off trees.

I saw this blue jay out there playing in the leaves. Well maybe he was really just looking for breakfast. He had a lot of leaf flipping before he found something.

maple tree losing leaves
Maple Tree Losing Leaves Rapidly

bare grape vinesThe grape vines had leaves yesterday, yellow leaves, but today they are naked. I plan to add a few more grape vines to our property fence. They make a great privacy fence during the summer and lots of grapes for us and the birds.

So far it seems to be mostly Maple trees. It looks kind of cool seeing all the fall colours and then trees that are still have bright green leaves, like our lilac trees and rose bushes on the property fence.

green lilac leaves
Lilac Trees Still Have Green Leaves

our compost binThis year I plan to take as many leaves as I can and put them in the vegetable garden and rototill them under. What I don’t use I will put into the compost bin so we have more great compost again next year.

I am thinking about either buying another compost bin or perhaps finding some free palettes I can use to build a bigger compost bin.

The compost bin on the left was here when we bought our home and it’s been great but I have to say that it’s too small for the size of our property, so having a second one would make a huge difference.

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