Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Private Moneylender for Your Real Estate Projects

Over the past few years, we have witnessed that private moneylenders have played a pivotal role in providing timely loans to all those individuals or businesses that would not typically be eligible for traditional financing. We know that private moneylenders offer a broad spectrum of private money loans as per the funding requirements and specific acquisition requirements of the borrowers.

Private moneylenders, typically provide financing to borrowers in the real estate business. These people are unable to qualify for a conventional bank loan because of inadequate income history or poor credit scores. Moreover, a traditional financial institution or a bank would be denying loan approval to people who are thinking of acquiring the fix and flip refurbishment or renovation properties which are in really poor condition.

An authorized private moneylender is an individual who officially lends money to borrowers on primarily a short-term basis without involving any major formalities that are mandatory while dealing with banks and other conventional financial institutions. You could turn to a reliable private moneylender, when you are looking for a quick loan without much documentation, on just a short-term basis.  In this context, you must understand that private money loans provide an easier and quicker way of obtaining funding for primarily real estate deals.

Private money lending is well-known for being convenient for people who need financial assistance but are unable to meet the stringent requirements of conventional banking institutions. Private money lending involves minimal formalities hence, there could be some potential risks associated with such transactions. There are numerous moneylenders out there and some of them could be fraudulent moneylenders who may take undue advantage of you. Hence, choosing the right moneylender for your particular purpose could be a challenging and daunting task. You must, therefore, consider the following factors to find the best private moneylender to partner with you in your specific real estate investment requirements.

Experience and Credibility

While identifying the right private money lender for your real estate project, the credibility of the moneylender and his experience in the industry would prove to be vital factors. Obviously, you would be looking for a professional who is credible and has goodwill in the market today. Nobody would like to choose a fraudulent moneylender and get duped in the entire process.

How could you examine the credibility of a private moneylender? You must do your homework and a thorough background check. Examine his credentials and see if there are any online customer or client reviews. Try to get contact details of his previous clients and get in touch with them and find out details about his genuineness and efficacy.

Further, you must look for a highly-experienced moneylender who is conversant with the ins and outs of this industry. Obviously, you want somebody who has a good reputation and a wealth of experience behind him. Get in touch with reputed lenders such as https://www.libertylending.com/ for perfect solutions and expert assistance.

A big plus point would be if you choose a moneylender who possesses extensive real estate experience including building and development knowledge and experience.  He could offer expert advice and provide important suggestions and recommendations on timelines, budgets, and contractors etc. He might even know some guy who could clear stuck building permits.

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The Application Process & Approval

Another important factor to consider is the time involved in loan application and loan approval processes. You must be interested in a hassle-free process with minimum paperwork and documentation at the loan application stage. Moreover, make sure that the private moneylender you choose helps you by giving prompt approval.

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The Flexibility of the Loan

This seems to be a crucial factor while choosing a private moneylender. Before signing the contract, you must ensure that all relevant terms are clearly disclosed in the contract and other documents and you need to be sure that those terms are fine by you and you are comfortable and satisfied with them. The loan should be flexible enough so that certain parameters of private moneylender’s loan could be modified as per specific and unique funding requirements, exit strategy, and your desired loan term. Generally speaking, you would be enjoying much greater flexibility while working with a reliable private moneylender as compared to a bank that follows stringent regulations and policies.

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Interest Rates

As an individual looking desperately for a loan, obviously, you would be interested in a lender who is willing to lend you the amount at an interest rate that is favorable to you. You would not like to make any loss by taking out a loan with an exorbitantly high-interest rate in comparison to the service rendered by the money. You need to do a comparative study and make an informed decision.

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The Degree of Responsiveness

You need to make sure that the private moneylender is quite responsive to your concerns, inquiries, requests, and is able to provide prompt answers to questions which come up during the entire lending process. Find out how fast the moneylender would be responding to your loan request and process your loan. The service response must be regarded as an important determining factor that allows you to get an idea about when exactly you would be receiving the money so that you could initiate the project. You must look for a moneylender who presents no or very few delays in the delivery of their services.

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Perfect Documentation

Even though private moneylenders do not necessitate too much documentation, it involves enough documentation demonstrating the fact that the loan has been approved and processed and includes the associated terms and conditions clearly. These documents could be including a trust deed or a promissory note in case of property and some other document which could be enforced legally.


The above-mentioned factors must be considered while looking for a reliable and competent private moneylender. There could be some more factors that could be playing a vital role in the private moneylender choosing process. It is actually a matter of opting for a money lending service that suits your unique requirements and the one that is most convenient and appropriate in your situation.

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