Exterior Upgrades that will Make Buyers Lust for Your Home

Contrary to the famous saying “do not judge a book by its cover”, most homebuyers (if not all) tend to be attracted to homes that exhibit beautiful curb appeal.

Great curb appeal will obviously give a warm welcome to everyone coming to your home, including potential buyers. They’ll be yearning to see what’s in store for them inside.

As a homeowner, you, therefore, notice that other than sprucing up your home’s exterior, you also have to ensure that the interior truly reflects what’s seen on the outside.

Below are some easy-to-do exterior home upgrades that can help attract buyers while also increasing your home’s value.

Revamp Your Exterior with a Coat of Fresh Paint

Painting is the simplest and most affordable way to create a lasting impression on anyone visiting your home. Consider using an appealing neutral color as this works for almost everyone. You can always add splashes of color in the flowers around the area to show prospective buyers how to make the exterior pop.

Don’t forget your home’s exterior focal point, the front door, when planning your painting projects. Use a complimenting color on your front door and consider throwing in some new and stylish hardware to make it more welcoming.

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Install Seamless Gutters with Gutter Guards

Having your old gutters repaired is quite a good idea, however, completely replacing them with a seamless gutter system will help prevent any future roof leaks.  In addition, it will prove to homebuyers that you have kept up with the necessary maintenance on your home and helped to protect them from future problems.

Though quite expensive when compared to the traditional gutter systems, seamless gutters are worth the investment because of their durability and low maintenance costs. Their premium, clean, and customizable nature work perfectly to enhance your home’s aesthetics.

They also come in various colors so that you get to choose what best suits your home’s exterior design.

However, you should as well bear in mind that this premium gutter system is also bound to wear out with time. This means that you should also consider installing gutter guards since they help to prolong the gutter’s lifespan. What’s more, you get to save lots of time and money with regard to home maintenance projects.

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Consider Installing Outdoor Lighting

Make your home stand out from the rest by adding an outdoor lighting. These lights will not only enhance the charm of your home but also instill a sense of safety and security to anyone visiting your home at night.

Of course, you can extend the lighting to your landscape (and have the pathway to your front door illuminated). However, consider investing in low-voltage lighting to save more on your energy bills.

In addition to low-voltage lighting, you can illuminate your yard with solar-powered lights. These lights have a great appearance and add to the curb appeal. In addition, they don’t add to your energy bill as they are powered by the sun. Better yet, they are easily removed when it is finally time for you to pack up and move to your new home.

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Install an Outdoor Hot tub

Having a built-in hot tub is the surest way to get value on your spa investment project since it makes the whole hot tub project appear as a seamless part of your home. This is contrary to having a portable spa.

If well maintained, an outdoor hot tub can help enhance the value of your home. If you have an existing hot tub, get it ready for buyers to look over. Simply start by replacing any worn out parts including filters and proceed to clean any stains and disinfect the area for a healthy, shiny, and attractive spa.

If possible, do a small landscaping project around the spa to ensure maximum aesthetic appeal. A curved pathway to keep feet out of the grass is always appreciated as is a deck surrounding the hot tub.

Note that having the hot tub incorporated in the backyard of your home is a great way to increase your home’s value since it’ll definitely be included in your property’s selling price. It’s a wish list item that many buyers would love to have and could edge your home up above the competition and therefore sell at a higher price.

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Want more value for your home? Then you definitely know the benefits that come with upgrading your curb appeal.

Begin with the simplest yet overlooked tasks like getting your front yard clean of any fallen leaves, and also pruning or trimming any overgrown tree branches.

You obviously don’t want your visitors or potential homebuyers to notice any molds thriving on your windows or front door frames, so ensure everything (including your pathway) is free of any weeds and molds.

Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a DIY blogger and a freelance writer who often contributes to GutterBrush. When she’s not blogging DIY, she’s practicing it as she restores her 50-year-old home one room at a time.

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