Enhancing Our Backyard Bird Watching Experience

Enhancing Our Backyard Bird Watching Experience

I love watching birds and would like our backyard bird watching experience to be better by attracting more birds to our home garden.

Even though I don’t do a lot of bird watching I do find the little I do very relaxing. I have even pulled my car off the road just to watch birds and believe it or not I have actually stopped fishing to watch birds and take a few pictures.

Currently I am learning mode, learning more about the birds that frequent Moncton, New Brunswick. Once I know that I can learn what I need to know to attract them to our backyard. I started by looking on Amazon and found a couple of birding books that you may find useful.

What’s Needed For Backyard Bird Watching

Stealth And Distance Seem To Help A Lot

Birds are very aware of their surroundings or they don’t get to be old birds. So to enjoy watching them I’ve found it necessary to keep my distance or I need to be well hidden from view, which can be tough because the slightest movement will give me away and they’re gone.

I feel blessed to have a home office looking out over part of our backyard. The downside is I might spent too much time gazing out the window looking for birds.

Binoculars And A Quality Camera

To get a really good view, especially at a distance a good set of binoculars is a must and to get the best images and videos you’ll want a quality camcorder or camera. It wasn’t until I bought my last camera, a camera that I have been able to get good still images at a distance.

Another reason I bought the VIXIA was because it doesn’t show how shaky my hands get, even when I have it zoomed in 50X. My last camera did that for me but took lousy video.

If money’s not much of an issue you might want to take bird watching to the next level and get professional images. This is when you want a camera that has telephoto lenses.

Start A Bird Watching Journal

I have started an online journal through my blog posts but as I learn more I will start a bird watching journal I can take everywhere. Serious birdwatchers who tend to take their bird watching hobby a bit more seriously than others often keep a detailed journal of their experience.

Just this past summer I saw my first hummingbird in our garden. I was standing in our vegetable garden picking tomatoes and saw something dart past me. I turned just in time to see a tiny hummingbird taking nectar from our pole bean blossoms.

It was awesome but only lasted about 4 seconds before I gave my position away and he was out of our yard and my sight in less than 2 seconds. I have already picked up a hummingbird feeder for next year and through the winter I’ll learn more.

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Setup A Birdbath

You will find numerous methods for attracting birds to your home. A good place to start is with a birdbath or water fountain where they can get a bit of relief on those hot summer days.

I am already looking for just the right birdbath for next year.

Location is important so I think it will have to go in the backyard where I will be able to watch it from my office window. Although if I get too many more things outside my office window I’m likely to NOT get any work done at all.

Install A Couple of Birdfeeders

I have already picked up a hummingbird feeder and plan to get it out early next spring so we can attract more hummingbirds. Maybe I’ll even be able to get a few pictures of hummingbirds using the feeder.

I have seen a few different kinds of birdfeeder when I am walking around Moncton but I am not really sure which I should go for. We have squirrels and I’ve seen them feasting from birdfeeders I see when I’m out walking. I would like to learn how to keep them out before I decide what kind of birdfeeder to buy.

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