Custom Granite Hot Tub Project

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Have you ever dreamed of soaking in your own hot tub at the end of the week and just let all your stress go away? Having a hot tub installed in their homes is something people would always want.

The granite hot tub project

Custom-made outdoor spas come in a variety of designs and mechanical specifications that could meet all your relaxing needs. How about building your own hot tub using conventional or recycled materials that you can DIY on the weekend? Then after that, apply with gorgeous granite tiles to your finished hot tub to achieve an elegant look from afar and also don’t forget to add a hot tub cover.

Here are some inexpensive hot tub options that you can DIY:

1. Custom-made hot tub

You can create your personal hot tub using your own specifications such as stones; wood-fired and thermalite blocks.

This hot tub will look fantastic when you build it close to an in-ground swimming pool, or you may construct it as a stand-alone structure on a backyard. Don’t forget to fill the surrounding space with some nice garden beds and shrubs.

2. Solar-powered hot tub with built-in fountain

This hot tub can be an excellent DIY choice since it’s made solar-powered to heat up water. The heat of the sunlight will do the process for you. Some solar hot tub models feature a stone background or built-in fountains that make them look beautiful. You can save your hard-earned money not consuming electricity to run the jets or having to put firewood just to keep the water warm.

3. The “Rubbermaid” hot tub

When you want to relax alone, you can utilize an old Rubbermaid container with a loading capacity of at least 150 pounds to be converted into an awesome hot tub. You may install powerful jets to give you a stress-relieving massage. This hot tub option is only good for one person, but good enough to move comfortably and feel relaxed.

4. Wood fired hot tub

If you are aspiring to have your own cedar hot tub, you can build one using wood fired. The wood keeps the water in its perfect temperature, enough to make your body and mind relax. This hot tub option resembles those charming cedar hot tubs that you may have visited in the mountain resorts before. Moreover, the cedar material isn’t as expensive as you think.

5. Concrete hot tub

If you don’t have any plans to move out somewhere, you can build a customized hot tub made of concrete. This hot tub is considered permanent, which makes it an excellent idea for people who want bigger hot tubs. In this design, everything is customizable including hot tub size and location for the jets and heaters. What’s more, concrete can last longer than other well-known shell structures like acrylic and stainless steel.

6. Recycled bathtub

A bathtub is designed to hold both cold and hot water, so it’s a good idea to transform an old bath tub into an outdoor hot tub. If you’re planning on a limited budget, this could become your valuable option to build one. You can check out if there’s any existing remodeling project happening within your neighborhood and get in touch with the owner to see if you can ask for the old bathtub. This ideal option seems perfect for one or two persons who want to enjoy a hot tub simultaneously.

Now, these wonderful hot tub options will look more interesting if you cover them with natural stone like granite. You can fully customize your very own hot tub by installing it with granite tiles on edges and around the hot tub.

The granite tile advantages

Hot tubs are built in different shell materials that are designed to withstand the effects of heat and running water while they’re in use. When talking about elegance, no material could ever give the pleasure you want than granite stone.

Granite possesses some impressive characteristics which make it an ideal hot tub countertop and side walls material of choice. Polished granite is the perfect cover material for outdoor hot tubs made of concrete, stone, wood-fired and other non-slippery materials. This stone material is fully resistant against heat and continuous water flow that’s coming in and out of the hot tub. Not only that, granite is known for its low porosity level, so you won’t need to think about stains one day.

Polished granite has excellent reflective properties when you install your hot tub indoors, where there’s enough ambient lighting to complement your hydrotherapy sessions. The stone finish can even protect your hot tub against splatters on the side, which is far impressive than solid-surface, acrylic or stainless steel side covers. If you prefer a granite hot tub with better slip-resistant capacity, opt to use polished or honed granite finishes. In addition, granite tiles with brushed or tumbled finishes are also great options if you are considering your hot tub to look rustic or close to contemporary.

The Bainbrook brown granite experience

The installation of Bainbrook brown granite tile can provide the coziest experience you need while using your hot tub. This “subdued” stone material is evenly flecked in white, brown, tan and black colors, which resemble spotted effects over the slab surface. Its smooth finish can create an awesome color contrast that could give your surroundings a classy look.

Since they are nearly close to one another in terms of durability and resistant capacity, Bainbrook brown granite stone tiles are an excellent alternative to conventional granite slabs. Its mirror-like effects make it easy to protect your hot tub against scratches and stubborn stains. It also features a neutral color that blends easily with different earth tone colors. To enhance your hot tub finish, try using this granite tile on edges, side walls or even as a hot tub cover.

Moreover, this polished granite is best suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, making it ideal for any granite hot tub project. Other tile applications may include walls, countertop, and interior flooring. The stylish tone tile also goes well with different contemporary shades like “tropical green,” “sapphire blue,” and “autumn harmony” among other exciting colors.

Imagine soaking in your personalized hot tub to help you release all the harmful effects of stress you get from a long, exhausting week. Hot tubs can give you such a relaxing atmosphere to sit and watch the greeneries go by.

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