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The Coleman company has been in business for over 100 years manufacturing outdoor products. Many people are familiar with Coleman products, such as their coolers, camping equipment, tents, and their many other products.

They have expanded their product line over the past 10 years and now have their own line of hot tubs on the market.

As with their other products, Coleman guarantees that their hot tubs are built to last.

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Coleman is a company that strongly believes in preserving the environment, and their hot tubs feature green spas, which make them more energy efficient.

Their hot tubs also use less chemicals than most other hot tubs on the market today Besides being Eco-friendly, they offer a wide range of accessories for their hot tubs.


The customer can pick the accessories that they like for their hot tubs depending upon how much they want to spend on it.

coleman hot tub manualFor example, one accessory you can select is a drink cooler, which keeps your drinks cool while you are sitting in the heated hot tub.

If you want to spend less money, you do not have to choose any extra accessories for the hot tub. In most cases, the Coleman hot tub does not need the extra accessories to make it worth their purchase price.

Some people, however, like the extra accessories. If so, they have many different ones that you can choose from.


Most customers are very happy with the Coleman hot tub, no matter which model they purchased. People report the hot tubs having very strong jets, comfortable to sit in with lounge seats and other contoured seats, and state that they stay heated extremely well.

coleman spas manualAs with most products, there are problems being reported with some of the hot tubs.

Most of these problems, however, are very isolated cases and not a wide spread problem.

One customer has complained of having problems with the jet in their Coleman hot tub.

Some customers complain that Coleman hot tubs are hard to fix yourself due to the design of the hot tub.

One customer complained he had to remove several screws on the maintenance door before he could get it open.

coleman hot tub coverCustomers are extremely happy with the Coleman hot tubs, however, and most people have had no complaints about them.

Customers have not complained about Coleman’s customer service.

Most people are not having problems with their hot tubs, and there are not many customer service reviews to be found.

Coleman is known to respond to service requests in a very timely manner and to honor the warranties of their products.


coleman spas pricesA Coleman hot tub is a great investment for anyone to make, as the hot tubs work well and last a long time.

They are also easy to maintain, care for, and clean.

They include a lounge seat for comfort, have great jet strength, and are energy efficient.

Most Coleman hot tubs state they can accommodate six people, but four can sit in the hot tub more comfortably.

The price of the Coleman hot tubs seem to be cheaper than other well-known brands, but they may lack a few key features and may come with a limited number of seats.

Some higher priced hot tubs may have up to 30 jets. Some Coleman hot tubs only have 17 jets included in them.

Most of these jets have both a high and a low setting.

  • Coleman backs their hot tubs with a warranty.
  • The shell of the hot tub is made from a patented seven layer material, and is known to be the strongest shell in the world, according to their website.
  • The seats om the hot tub are designed to conform to your body.
  • The water flowing through the jets is always even, and as soon as you press the jet button, the water starts at 100 percent of the flow speed.
  • Coleman uses a Pure Flow Filtration system, which uses reusable filters in their hot tubs, which prevents bacteria from growing in the filters.
  • Coleman pressure treats the wood cabinet the hot but sits in to keep out decay, corrosion, and insects.
  • You have many different cabinets to choose from when purchasing a Coleman hot tub.

coleman hot tubs prices

There are cheaper hot tubs on the market today, but the Coleman name, along with the features their hot tubs provide, it is a great investment for anyone to make.

Having an Eco-friendly hot tub that will last you a long time is a great addition to any home.

Having a hot tub that is easy to clean and maintain will give you the piece of mind that you have an Eco-friendly hot tub that you can depend on to last.

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